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    • avatar Melony June 1

      Omg I totally hadn't realized you were tridelta!! I am too!!!

      • avatar Jasmine Joseph 1

        Your dad is so funny 😂😂

        • avatar Maquenzie Arnold 0

          Literally my favorite YouTuber 😩

          • avatar bella merklinger 0

            i love your dad lmaoo

            • avatar Vita Lypyak 1

              Your dad is a walking dad joke I love him

              • avatar Landry Talley 0

                Love this and how you included so much of move in day into one video.

                if you're reading this go check out my brand new channel!

                • avatar Carlisle Emily 0

                  Your dad hahahahha he's so cute

                  • avatar Nat & Ava 0

                    Girlllll😍😍😍😍 so pretty

                    • avatar onlygymthings 1

                      do you have to share closets

                      • avatar Books4LitSouls 0

                        Your dad is funny

                        • avatar Ivey Barrett 1

                          Welcome to Upstate NY :)

                          • avatar Tuba Naz Bozkurt 0

                            I am living in Turkey and i think your videos about college reflect real college life even in here. However I need to tell you that you are lucky you settle your dorm with your family. I need to get plane each time and carry all of my staff by myself

                            • avatar Cristina Salguero 0

                              Omg when you cracked your fingers with your jaw, shooketh😨😂