1. mike D mike D

    U can tell they are trying to prepare an ass fucking to WISCONSIN

    It's bs

  2. Nickoli Lion Nickoli Lion

    OU is the only team in the country that can be ragged on for scoring 62 points against the 11th team in the country on the road.

  3. Bama Hammer Bama Hammer

    Every time I watch ESPN Joey Galloway, Boger McFarland, (Former ESPN ) Danny Kanell and Jessie Palmer I normally mute my TV or change the channel. As a Bama fan every time they open their mouth it is always something negative when it comes to evaluating Bama and most of the information is always slightly misleading. If you think I am a disgruntle fan lashing out at these idiots I can say with one hundred percent effort I am not. You can go back to numerous broadcasts and see what I am talking about. Every year when Bama plays LSU and Auburn regardless of the records the games are normally hard hitting and close. Playing #16 ranked LSU last weekend was a battle and Bama won 24-10. During the game Bama loss four major defensive players to injuries two for the year, one out for 4-6 weeks and the other injury was a hamstring in which it is still unknown to the extent. As a result of the injuries BAMA had to rely on true freshmen as replacements and there was a couple of busted plays due to their inexperience resulting in a TD for LSU. The experienced ESPN analyst Reese who is pretty fair in his assessments was trying to tell the other ESPN analysts exactly what I just mentioned and they over talked him. These are the same idiots that have continuously stated Bama has not played anyone. They overlook the #3 ranked Florida State game at the beginning of the year with Bama winning 24-7. Because FS loss their QB for the year in the last quarter of that game and never recovered during the season they want to erase that game off the map. If Baker Mayfield sustained a year ending injury at the beginning of the season would Oklahoma be the same team? The answer is no. I listened to all the analysts brag on Georgia's win over unranked South Carolina 24-10 and I just shook my head. I am not hating on GA because all of this is going to washout eventually. I finally came to the conclusion why Bama is so hated by ESPN analysts and other schools throughout the country. When you have been on the top for so long and won so many national championships some people in the general public are going to hate the team. All of the ESPN analysts that played college football and Bama beat their teams in some cases numerous times the hatred still burns in their hearts. Even though these idiots are getting paid good money to analyze college football objectively they can't when it comes to Bama due their ghosts from the past. Nick Saban was absolutely right when he described the media as rat poison. Roll Tide.

  4. Jerrell White Jerrell White

    Nobody should feel sorry for Alabama and the monopoly that saban has created in the sec, if he doesn’t win it’s HIS fault, you literally have all the 4 and 5 star recruits on your bench, it’s like Kentucky in basketball, NOBODY feels sorry for you bud, teams have won chips with less, so spare me the sob story of how saban has to replace 5 star recruits with 5 star recruits

  5. Daniel Chambers Daniel Chambers

    all of you are so full of it, Alabama is Deep at the ILB, but I guess y'all don't know that. plus if UGA beats Auburn we will have won the West, BECAUSE Auburn would have 2 SEC lose, Bama will beat MSU.

  6. talljib talljib

    so when are we gonna get some sort of consistency to scheduling?

  7. Robert Drake Robert Drake

    I don't know what Booger Macfarland is being paid but he needs a raise!! He is on every program I see now which is great for us fans because he does an outstanding job but it seems he is being over worked:)

  8. Nick Brausen Nick Brausen

    I think if Miami beats Norte Dame this weekend Miami will be in the top four for sure

  9. Omnipotent Being Omnipotent Being

    The committie has too many connections to the SEC and ESPN. ESPN is slurping all over the SEC and doing everything they can to keep Wisconsin out of the CFP even if they go unbeaten. If they do go unbeaten they will have potentially 4 ranked/quality wins in Northwestern, Iowa(who beat Iowa St. which beat TCU and Oklahoma), Michigan(who crushed Florida), and MSU (who beat PSU and played Notre Dame closer than USC). Meanwhile the SEC is drastically overrated. They only have 2 teams that should be in the top 15 and only 3 ranked teams. Miss St., Auburn and LSU are drastically overrated. LSU lost to fucking TROY at home and now they run through the SEC easily which includes beating the all great and powerfull Auburn team. Auburn is being overrated to make Clemson, Bama and Georgia better. Clemson lost to a team not even in the top 100 in Syracuse and beat a bunch of scrubs and should've lost last week.

    ESPN keeps riding the SEC dick and the committee is as well. The system is flawed and the SEC homers (former coaches and athletic Directors from the SEC) in the committee are doing everything they can to keep Clemson in and 2 SEC teams.

  10. Anthony Roper Anthony Roper

    Disrespecting UCF once again. we're used to it

  11. Proudmule1 Proudmule1

    Bama has now lost 4 LBs including the QB of their front 7 when their LB Hamilton went down.  No one in the front seven depth chart knows the D nor can call the adjustments as well as him.  He's gone for the year no matter how long the season goes.  There is no "5-star" on the roster that can replace him physically, mentally and experientially.  Plus, their two best rushing OLBs were lost in the FSU game.  That is why they are having to play so many DBs so they can still cover while blitzing with their DBs so much.  

    The good teams left on Bama's schedule will be able to exploit the weakness that is caused by having a weaker line to stop the run in an effort to have enough DBs in the game to blitz, or by having less of a pass rush to have bigger, stronger backup OLB in the game to stop the run but that can't get to the QB.  

    Championship teams need game changers and Bama lost three at the LB spot.

  12. NashCBJ NashCBJ

    This is dumb, Michigan should be number 1.

  13. Roderick Mills Roderick Mills

    UCF overrated but still impressive.

  14. Mr. Me Mr. Me

    Miami has a weak schedule just like overrated Wisconsin. Both will lose this weekend

  15. Coach Green Coach Green

    I love your channel! Lets do a sub for a sub!

  16. DJ Blak Maxx DJ Blak Maxx

    Damn! The hatred for Alabama is undeniable. It’s ok though. The other three teams in the top four have been touched by Bama and we owe Clemson one. We love adversity! We’ll send out payments starting with the SEC championship. Here Comes The Tide! #ROLLTIDE

  17. bdziedzi bdziedzi

    Kirk, who did Alabama beat?????

  18. 1.3B • Views 1.3B • Views

    Mark is a much better coach than Urban Meyer this year. It’s like day and night on how they talk about preparing for a big game following a previous one.


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