Coast To Coast AM – August 14, 2017 Dark Side of Psychic Phenomena

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    • avatar Just Walt 0

      Obama must have been hell of strong because Kim Jong never attacked us then either. Hell I don't think they even raised their lip to Obama.

      • avatar Mr Go Fuck Yourself 0

        i had know idea you were on yt! i've missed your show ever since i become too far away from a radio tower. Awsome! Just subed!

        • avatar Worstturdworldnation 1 0

          "fleas" huh… O.K. George… Where do I line up to sign up!?!?!?!

          • avatar Worstturdworldnation 1 0

            Oh God… he's backing off… where do I sign up to gobble up this bullshit?!?!?!?

            • avatar Otto Reuter 0

              From the Fartland of America!
              And the Weequay to the West!

              • avatar Kelly Lewis 1

                Trump is the best man for the job we got read of a 0 and got a hero

                • avatar John Barber 0

                  Oh I forgot to say I lost 35lbs, one of the worst things I found was Soda pop, Cola drinks especially.

                  • avatar John Barber 0

                    I was on uptake inhibitors for over 20yrs, and it wasn't until I realized that I was only getting worse with each new drug that the doctors were putting me on and my weight just kept going up. I stopped the psychic drugs, and never felt better, stopped eating meat and processed foods, and went to organic Whole Food based diet, got off Metformin, Prozac, cozar, prostatans, and at least 5 other drugs. Now I Exercise 3 days a week, and my blood pressure went down 120 over 69, blood sugar went down under 100, and I sleep better and my sex drive came back. This all took place in a 4month period, on this Whole food diet. Doctors work for the Insurance and Big Pharma companies, and don't want us to get better, if they did their profits would go down.

                    • avatar Spartanand Katz 1

                      Please keep your same into please

                      • avatar alex wherry 0

                        How many kids have they destroyed with psych drugs? Mostly boys too? Whatever just dope em, great control mechanism for terminal society. Smash those coal mine canaries ASAP.

                        • avatar Jd Money 0

                          Hello from the other side ,I must of called a thousand times.