Clearview Plumbing and Heating – Free Reference Book – “Clear Answers to Messy Questions”…

It is one thing to be a business that prides themselves on their customer satisfaction, ethical business practices, and high standards for everything.

Clearview a very established plumbing business that has had an ever increasing number of completely satisfied and happy customers that would attest to the first statement.

But it is absolutely incredible to also be a business who offers free advice for things that a lot of companies would actually charge for. And, in fact, this is free information which could prevent customers from calling a company because they were able to figure out something based on the information that company provided…

…Well Clearview is just that kind of company.

Not only does Clearview have their own BLOG on their website, which offers different plumbing tips, answers to common questions, etc. but they also offer anyone (not just current or former customers) the ability to download a free E-Book from their website entitled… “Clear Answers to Messy Questions – A Homeowners Quick Reference Guide: Tips on Handling Emergencies, Preventing Problems, and Maintaining Your Plumbing, Drain, Heating and Air Conditioning Systems—To Save Money, Headaches, and Hassles.”

(**side note – I would also like to point out that the title of this reference book itself is a brilliant play on words with the whole use of “Clear”, being both the first part of Clearview’s business name and also a reference to “clarity or easy to understand” in the title as opposed to “Messy” a counterpoint to clear and also a representative of the types of problems one might run into in regards to their housing systems that both the reference book itself and also Clearview can help with. Just a side note but one worth pointing out**)

The book actually begins with an introduction which points out the fact that knowledge is power and how gaining even a little bit of home systems knowledge could actually help you to save wasted time, grief, and prevent unnecessary spending.

The introduction also mentions that Clearview has used its knowledge to help thousands of customers in the Calgary area and how they are now more than happy to pass on some of this knowledge in their quick reference guide, “Clear Answers to Messy Questions”, so that everyone can be more aware of their houses plumbing, drain and sewer, and heating and cooling systems and needs.

The book itself is actually separated into three different sections:

The first section is titled: “Part One: Be Prepared”, which actually spends a number of pages providing troubleshooting tips for dealing with the most common plumbing, drain, heating and air conditioning problems and emergencies.

In the first section you can find all kinds of information from what to do when you have a clogged drain in your house to water leaking from the ceiling to how to prevent frozen pipes, to what to do when your air conditioning just doesn’t seem to be getting the job done and on and on. Some really great information that is practical and enlightening. And the information is presented in a non-technical way that is not too wordy for the average non-plumber reader.

The second section is named: “Part Two: Getting Satisfaction” and it is a chapter dedicated to providing you tips on working with plumbing, drain, heating and air conditioning technicians to make sure the job is done right, at the right time, and at the right price.

This section is a great read as it points out some easy tips to follow that will make sure the “professional” you call is actually legit and will do good work at the correct price such as what to do when they seem to get to plumber wordy.

The third and final section is called: “Part Three: An Ounce of Prevention”, this section covers a number of simple maintenance tips that will save you money and grief by: (a) preventing plumbing, drain, heating and air conditioning problems, (b) extending the life of your equipment, and (c) reducing unnecessary waste of water and fuel.

This final section again provides some interesting “heads up” kind of suggestions that can actually help you save money and prevent problems…from using low-flow toilets to making sure you dust your radiators, as dust is an insulator and will trap heat from escaping into the room; all kinds of little and big things being pointed out to you that you might not have been aware of or thought of yourself.

This book is a great reference and starting point for anyone looking to improve their plumbing and other internal housing system knowledge. It will help to educate you in a way so that you can be prepared to handle and deal with certain home issues and possible plumbing companies on a more level playing field.

And in all honesty it is worth the read or at least a browse. Even from the bold texting you will definitely learn something new about plumbing or heating and cooling systems that will save you money or at least time and head aches in the future. That is a personal guarantee.

This is just a quick “book report” on this great quick reference plumbing guide that Clearview provides on their website. For all of your plumbing questions visit the Clearview website and check out the blog, download the E-Book, or even better yet call Clearview and have your questions cleared up just like that.

Find out how Clearview Plumbing and Heating can help you avoid “Hit and Run” repair jobs or read what customers are saying about Clearview Plumbing and Heating.

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