Chris Finnen + Special guests

Chris Finnen + Special guests

One of South Australia's gem stones of musicianship.

The raw honesty of the blues is the lifeblood coursing through Chris Finnen's music.

Over four decades travelling as a troubadour journey man has seen Chris Finnen often referred to as the ‘guitarist's guitarist'. Chris brings a wry twist to his original blues song writing, adding sly humour to lyrics, focusing on the musing of everyday experiences, and embracing a strong sense of community.

His restless musical curiosity has seen him embrace a tapestry of varied cultural influences, weaving the sounds of India, Celtic traditions, and African nation's into his music.
Date: Sunday 23 July
Time: 4.00 PM
Tickets at the door

at Wheatsheaf Hotel
39 Gearge St
Adelaide, Australia

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