Certified ScrumMaster Training

Certified ScrumMaster Training
Course Topics: Participants engage in a highly interactive approach that provides hands-on practice applying Scrum in multiple project settings and situations. Exercises, case studies, and examples bring home the realization of how to be a Certified ScrumMaster™ instead of a project manager. This course will equip participants with the knowledge, skills, and tools to successfully implement Scrum as ScrumMasters.   Topics covered include: Historical Background of Agile Overview of Scrum Scrum Roles and Responsibilities Benefits and Challenges in using Scrum Agile Adoption Patterns for Large Organizations Agile Project Management Agile Estimation and Planning Advanced Scrum Techniques Role of the Scrum Master Organizational Dynamics of Scrum Adoption Building Successful Teams for Scrum Learning Objectives At the end of the workshop you should be able to: Improve time to value by driving priorities and value to the customer Remove the barriers between development and the customer so the customer directly drives development Enable the customer to maximize ROI and meet their objectives through Scrum Improve the lives of the development team by facilitating creativity and empowerment Improve the productivity of the development team through an iterative development process   Prerequisites: This class assumes you are familiar with Agile principles and practices and have worked with a software development team using Scrum as an Agile work management framework.   Who Should Attend: People who will be ScrumMasters on a Scrum project, Project Leaders, Change Agents, Process Owners, and anyone involved in helping the organization adopt Scrum.   Certification and Scrum Alliace Membership: Certified ScrumMaster (CSM) designation upon completion of online assessment Two year membership to the Scrum Alliance ( Value)    PMI Professional Development Units (PDU's): PMP's - 14 PDU's from PMI® upon completion of this course   Instructor:   Robert Schatz  With nearly 30 years in the industry, Robert “Bob” Schatz specializes in consulting and coaching organizational leaders using agile project management techniques to transform organizations and improve the performance of their software development projects. He holds a bachelors degree in Computer Science from Temple University and is currently pursuing a Masters degree in Organizational Dynamics from the University of Pennsylvania. Bob is a leader in successfully implementing agile development techniques, such as Scrum and XP, and driving culture changes in organizations. He and his team have been featured in a number of industry articles. Bob often speaks at industry events talking about the benefits and challenges of bringing agile techniques into an organization.   Contact Us:   For GSA enrollment and pricing please contact Ron Peterson: rpeterson@ccpace.com For all any non-GSA related questions please contact Lauren Iezzoni: liezzoni@ccpace.com

at CC PACE Training Center
4100 Monument Corner Drive #400
Fairfax, United States

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