Certified ScrumMaster (CSM) – Dallas, TX

Certified ScrumMaster (CSM) - Dallas, TX
Why take this CSM course?  That’s easy: The Scrum Alliance provides a list of core concepts that must be covered in the class, but the quality of the training depends on your instructor. Agile For All trainers are top-rated instructors and expert coaches. Since 2008, 99% of all attendees recommend Agile For All trainers. (Guess we can’t please everyone.) Beyond learning the Scrum framework our trainers will inspire, challenge, and motivate you. Learn the underlying Agile principles, practices, techniques to succeed as a ScrumMaster®. Gain insights on how to facilitate, coach, resolve conflict and lead a team. Benefit from real world industry experiences so the course material remains relevant to your needs. After completing this course you can opt-in to become a Certified ScrumMaster® by passing a short exam on the Scrum Alliance website. Course Length: 2 days   We guarantee our CSM workshop will be a one-of-a-kind experience, instilling confidence to engage successful Agile practices right away.   OUR CSM WORKSHOP INCLUDES Continental breakfast, lunch and beverages Two-year membership in the Scrum Alliance, a value Bound copy of the course materials CSM Exam Prep Review booklet Access to free Scrum and Agile resources      Learning Objectives  By the end of the workshop you will be able to: Describe the Scrum framework to others Explain the difference between the Scrum framework and other processes and systems  Be a successful ScrumMaster for a Scrum team Help a Scrum team plan successfully Create a personal plan for the future    DOWNLOAD COURSE DETAILS       What Participants Say   “I expected to get a ‘pre-recorded’ and ‘scripted’ class. Instead, I got a collaborative experience, which was worlds better than the typical trainings I’ve sat through.”  “Very practical and helpful information. It actually applies to more than just in the workforce. This class was very interactive, which helped our team significantly in learning and applying the material.”     Other Advantages  HIGH RETENTION: Agile For All trainers use accelerated learning techniques like Training From The Back Of The Room to present the course material in brain-friendly ways that help you maximize learning and retention. NO BOREDOM: Rather than death by PowerPoint and long lectures, Agile For All courses are designed to be highly interactive. FUN: Every part of this course is designed to keep you engaged and having fun while learning the material.  WHYS BEFORE HOWS: Beyond the basic Scrum framework, you’ll learn the underlying principles and values that drive success before getting into successful practices, allowing you to understand the practices at a much deeper level.  LEARN BY DOING: Multiple creative exercises and simulations give you the opportunity to practice core skills necessary to be a successful Certified ScrumMaster® — skills like facilitation, coaching, conflict resolution and leadership.   TAKE BOTH CSM AND CSPO CLASSES IN JUST 4 DAYS. SAVE 0!   “FASTTRACK” CERTIFICATIONS: Several times a year our CSM and CSPO workshops coincide in the same location, so you can “fast track” your Agile skills and receive both Certified ScrumMaster® and Certified Scrum Product Owner® training in just 4 days! Simply check your course search results to see if a FastTrack option is available.    About the Course Facilitator Peter Saddington Peter has been in software development since 1997, starting out as a developer at Johnson & Johnson. Hie is a Certified Scrum Trainer (CST) and an Organizational Scientist. Prior to joining Agile For All, he founded Action & Influence, which was named the Best Training Company in Atlanta in 2013. He writes for AgileScout.com, which is one of the top 20 Agile software development blogs in the world, as well as being author of "The Pocket Agile Guide" published in 2012. Holding Masters degrees in Counseling, Education, and Religion, Peter brings an extensive educational background to everything he does. He also gives back to his community by being a volunteer counselor.        Onsite Courses Want the training to come to you? Agile For All does onsite training workshops at reasonable prices with some of the top Scrum Alliance Certified ScrumMaster® Coaches and Trainers.  Contact us for information on private workshops, group discounts or questions.  303.766.0917        Professional Development Units (PDUs) PMPs: You can receive 14 PDUs for this course.Need to convince someone else?Download a PDF brochure you can send to others.     All CSM courses are taught by Certified Scrum Trainers. Taking a CSM course, passing the CSM test, and accepting the license agreement designates you as a Certified ScrumMaster, which indicates that you have been introduced to and understand the basic concepts you need to perform as a ScrumMaster or team member on a Scrum team. This course also satisfies two elements of the CSD track: Scrum Introduction and Elective.     Who This Course is Designed For If you work in an organization that creates any sort of product, then you are an ideal CSM candidate.  While the course is primarily designed for people filling the role of ScumMaster, anyone who wants to help their organization be more successful is encouraged to attend. If you are already on a Scrum team you will learn how to become a change agent to help your team achieve a higher level of success.  Architects Business Analysts DBAs Developers Directors Documentation Specialists Executives Managers Marketing People Product Managers Project Managers Testers Team Members Sales People Operations and Support Technical Writers Trainers     DOWNLOAD COURSE DETAILS       Course Topics We go into detail on how to facilitate, coach, resolve conflict and lead a team, as well as share our industry experiences so our course material remains relevant. Some of the material covered during the 2-day workshop: SCRUM THEORYThe three legs of Scrum theory: transparency, inspection and adaptation are examined in detail.  SCRUM FRAMEWORK BASICSThe meetings, artifacts and roles which make up the Scrum process.  SCRUM PRACTICESEstimation, planning and other practices which are commonly used in Scrum. SCRUM LEADERSHIPWhat is it and why is it important for a ScrumMaster?  COACHING AND FACILITATIONCoaching scenarios and facilitation techniques commonly used by ScrumMasters.  CONFLICT RESOLUTION AND BUILDING TRUSTHelpful hints and techniques for building strong teams even if conflict exists.    DOWNLOAD COURSE DETAILS  

at Dallas, Texas, United States
Dallas, Texas, United States
Dallas, United States

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