Certified Peer Specialist Supervision 2-day (Nashville)

Certified Peer Specialist Supervision 2-day (Nashville)
Certified Peer Specialist Supervision Presented by: Michael Runningwolf, B.Ed Course Description:   Section One: Preparing Peers for the WorkforceSection one explores how to prepare peers for the workforce by describing what peer support specialists contribute and how they can help sustain a recovery culture within the organization. The students will examine credentials and skills of Peer Support Staff, the importance of a Peer Work Force, and what are the obstacles that get in the way of supporting a Peer Workforce. In addition students will examine solutions for overcoming such barriers. Section Two: Creating the Context for Peer EmploymentSection two examines ways to move past the disinclination and inertia for bringing peer support specialists into the workforce; exploring how to create a context for peer support staff to thrive. This section takes a detailed look at a recovery organization by illustrating key elements including relationships, conversation, environment, power structure, focus and practices. In addition, this section explores facilities and conditions designed to best support recovery programming. Section Three: Guiding an Organization toward RecoverySection Three discusses what a recovery organization looks and feels like; this section will provide the student with guidance on how to assist an organization to get there. Section three explores the Five Lessons of Recovery Leadership as students are introduced to a professional vision statement and complete their own professional Statement and development plan.  Section three also explores the idea of students identifying their own transforming capabilities and examines the power and potential of the Mighty Middle. Section Four: Developing the WorkforceSection Four will explore various tools students can use when developing a Recovery Support workforce. Students will learn how to implement the recovery pathways while learning how to use recovery coaching with their staff. We'll further explore the recovery way of doing performance evaluations with employees by guiding them through the Professional Vision Statement and Professional Development Plan as outlined in Chapter Four. Students will explore options for working with employees not meeting performance standards.  In addition, students will be introduced to various tools they can use in giving feedback and having the performance evaluation conversation. Section Five: Taking ActionSection Five discusses how to create recovery endings and growth opportunities within teams and organizations that reduce employee turnover and ensure consistent service quality. Students will develop a Monday Morning Plan in order to identify which tools from the training they will utilize when they return to their job assignments and explain how they will implement them.  About the Presenter: Michael Runningwolf graduated from Boise State University with a Bachelor’s of Arts Degree in Secondary Education with endorsements in History, Social Studies, Kinesiology, and Biology. Mr. Runningwolf taught History for seven years at Meridian High School in Meridian, Idaho.Mr. Runningwolf has been in Recovery from Mental Health challenges since 2009 and has maintained his recovery by giving back to others who share similar challenges. Michael joined RI International/ RI Consulting in Phoenix, Arizona in 2011 as a Recovery Education Specialist and has now been certified as a Master Trainer through RI International. He has facilitated Peer Employment Training classes all over the United States as well as many other Recovery and  Peer focused classes such as Advanced Peer Practices, Facing Up to Health-Self Directed health and wellness, Facilitating Learning (skill training for facilitators), Leading and Coaching (CPS Supervisor Training) and many others.Mr. Runningwolf combines his education, work, and personal experience to train and certify Peer Support Specialists across the country. Training FAQ: Q – How do I get my certificate?A – ONLY names entered into eventbrite will have a certificate ready upon completion. Q – How many Contact Hours will I get?A – 6 contact hours per day Q – Who has approved this training?A – NAADAC, TDMHSAS and CPRS Q – Is lunch Provided?A – Yes, it's included in the price of the training Q – What should I bring?A – Bring a sweater,a shawl or a jacket Q – Are there handouts available?A – Yes, they will be given out at the training. Q – Do I have to bring my printed ticket to the event?A  – It is helpful for check-in, but we can check you in without it. NAADAC Accreditation: This course has been approved by TAADAS, as a NAADAC approved Education Provider, for educational credits. NAADAC Provider #91749,TAADAS, is responsible for all aspects of their programming. NAADAC Counselor Skill Groups Trageted: Ethics, Legal and Professional Development   Refunds Refunds will be issued through Eventbrite to anyone requesting a refund prior to the training. Anyone requesting a refund after the training will be issued a credit to be used for another training.

at Goodwill Career Solutions
937 Herman Street
Nashville, United States

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