Casually Explained: Guide to College and University

Casually Explained: Guide to College and University

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    • avatar Spencer Doodles 1

      Oh my gosh, I go to the same university!! Just started my first year here. What year are you in?

      • avatar Big Teets 1

        I love your videos man, keep them coming

        • avatar P 139 0

          where to buy hydraulic press

          • avatar spitoutblood 0

            It's funny because I'm Alex K. And I'm also in computer science

            • avatar Max de Prest 0

              Wait I'm the same as you are when you're drunk

              • avatar Owen West 1

                Tldr hope that you are reincarnated as a millionaires child in the next life.

                • avatar Finem ReSpice 0

                  I'd like you're soothing attitude in my protein shake to start a better day.

                  • avatar Someguy 0

                    why do you need to learn history

                    • avatar Ishita Rawat 0

                      dude i'm not even worried about what I'll do once i get into a university but rather how would I get into a university.

                      • avatar MENGZHE DENG 0

                        Wait a sec, are u a student in Uvic?