Cardi B SIgns Million Dollar Publishing Deal BIG MISTAKE, Pub Deal is Essentially a Loan. Explained

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  1. Stock Walters Stock Walters

    Looking like she just got licked 😂😂😂

  2. wittafa wittafa

    She is a one hit wonder and she knows it …that's why she sold it because she damn sure didn't write he song

  3. StreetMoneyPuzzles32 StreetMoneyPuzzles32

    Damn she bout to be seeing a 9-5 soon

  4. Udig entertainment Udig entertainment

    she started from the bottom now she's here respect

  5. John Davis John Davis

    Recoup yo advances talking royalty and publishing put you on tv and leave u out there with nothing gotti said it best

  6. John Davis John Davis

    Cardi b gonna be a one hit wonder dum bitch 🤷‍♀️

  7. Inside Media Dot Com Inside Media Dot Com

    I'm sure she signed over the publishing for Bodak Yellow and any future records. Remy Ma is smart. She's independent and Co-owned a record label with Fat Joe and she owns her own publishing company. Go receipts if needed.

  8. KJ. Wayne KJ. Wayne

    You are right. Didn't look at it like that. And you responded so I will definitely keep watching. Respect

  9. KJ. Wayne KJ. Wayne

    I was on the fence about you JT but you dropped some jewels in this one. Salute

  10. boss hog boss hog

    She did not wright that shit her pub is not worth nothing

  11. Chris Smith Chris Smith

    Bad move

  12. Teez Comeing Teez Comeing

    1 mill equals 500000 after taxes.

  13. Casey Holliday Casey Holliday

    I hope it turn out good for her if not she will learn from her mistakes you have to let people make there on decision nobody perfect but check out my mixtape on livemixtape major black fa tha streets 2

  14. HATE is a sign of ENVY HATE is a sign of ENVY

    1:47 MAJOR KEY

  15. Andrew Pouncil Andrew Pouncil


  16. Andrew Pouncil Andrew Pouncil

    Cardi b Makin hits 🤘🤘

  17. Jonathan Yarborough Jonathan Yarborough

    I wouldn't have done that but at the same time yeah I forgot something people done it s*** and became very rich I think. she's been good team ! is kind of good. she going to let them let them know rape her at first on all that cuz she's confident about music is she going to come back and get everything back and more


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