Build Your Digital Brand to Boost Credibility in Your Career

Build Your Digital Brand to Boost Credibility in Your Career
Build your Digital Brand to Boost Credibility in your Career Your brand used to be confined locally to your building, your peers, your block or your city. Today, however, it’s possible for your brand to be known globally. Yet many business professionals do not take advantage of this or even understand the need to define their brand. Not only this, but by not building your brand and leveraging today’s technologies you are costing yourself opportunities: opportunities for advancement, for higher compensation or increased sales.Instead, through clarity and intention, you can create a brand that not only boosts credibility in your chosen career but also creates opportunities for you. During this presentation, attendees will learn why they need to define their brand, how to build their brand online and leverage today’s technologies to grow their brand in a way that makes them stand out from their competition. Join us on September 20th (special Wednesday luncheon!) as we host Ryan Rhoten of CareerBrand, to take away knowledge about how you can separate yourself from the pack in your career.  About the Speaker Ryan Rhoten is the Founder and StoryBrand Guide at CareerBrand, and author of CareerKred: 4 Simple Steps to Build Your Digital Brand and Boost Credibility in Your Career.  Ryan is a digital branding coach and StoryBrand Certified Guide and StoryBrand Certified Copywriter. He helps clients build digital trust and credibility so they get recognized for their expertise. Many people struggle with their brand positioning. They know their area of expertise, their business and process so well, they struggle to explain it to others such as hiring managers or potential customers.  Having a well-defined and positioned brand allows you to communicate your story and value to others. Using a simple 4-step process called D.I.C.E., Ryan works with clients to unpack their brand and strategically put it back together in a manner that provides a powerful branding and content marketing strategy so you clarify your positioning and develop your marketable career brand.

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