Boston Ballet School Summer Dance

Boston Ballet School Summer Dance
Explore dance this summer. Join us and experience all Boston Ballet School has to offer through a wide range of summer camps from toddlers to adults at all three of our locations.

Ballet Stories - Ages 3-4
Ballet Stories allows your child to explore the storylines, characters, and music of popular story ballets. (Boston, Newton, and North Shore; August)

Ballet Journeys - Ages 5-7
Fun and excitement await as students ages 5-7 are introduced to the fundamentals of ballet. (Boston, Newton, and North Shore; August)

Summer Session - Ages 3-9
Young students will be introduced to the world of dance in an age appropriate and fun environment during this 5-week summer class on Saturdays in July. It is the perfect introduction to Boston Ballet School. (Newton; July)

Summer Dance Workshop - Ages 8-12
Your child will explore the wider world of dance by pairing comprehensive ballet training from Boston Ballet School’s expert faculty with engaging enrichments. Classes such as musical theater, Chinese Dance, ballroom, and costume design compliment year-round training to help your child become a versatile dancer. (Boston, Newton, and North Shore; July/August

Master Class Series -Ages 12-18
Students elevate their dance education by learning classical variations and refining their technique. (Newton andNorth Shore; August)

Adult Summer Dance Program - Ages 18+
Explore your passion and immerse yourself in ballet this summer. The Adult Summer Dance Program offers classes for the beginner to advanced level adult student. Students receive individualized attention to further develop their technique from world-class faculty, with a focus on working with adults, dedicated to student's growth and success. (Newton; August)

at Boston Ballet School
40 Leggs Hill Rd
Marblehead, United States

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