BOSTES/NESA Accredited Youth Suicide Prevention Training: Primary & Sec Teachers

BOSTES/NESA Accredited Youth Suicide Prevention Training: Primary & Sec Teachers
This comprehensive, skills-based workshop is suitable for all teaching and support staff. The workshop provides extensive information on the following areas: - Current trends and stats pertaining to suicide in Australia - The role of the 'Gatekeeper' in suicide prevention - Protective factors that keep young people safe as well as factors that put them more at risk of suicidal thoughts and behaviours - Warning signs - what teachers should look out for - Safe methods of intervention (including self-care and arenas of safety) - Referring young people at risk - Synthesing knowledge gained into real and practical scenarios In addition, the workshop examines current societal attitudes towards suicide and how these impact the way we approach suicide prevention in schools. Attendees will examine the suicidal 'mindset' to gain a deeper understanding of the common factors associated with suicidal thinking, to improve their capacity to recognise warning signs. Attendees will gain a clear understanding of the system and legislative requirements and their implications for educators. They will evaluate current proactive strategies in place at their school as well as designing new methods to improve the wellbeing of students. Attendees will refine their listening, questioning and rapport building skills through a process of practical application, to improve the effectiveness of safe interventions conducted with students. Attendees will improve their capacity to refer students at risk and follow up on students who have been referred to external support agencies. They will also engage in a range of self-care strategies to ensure they are looking after their own wellbeing while caring for their students.  Completing the Full-Day Workshop wll contribute 5 hours of QTC registered PD addressing 4.4.2 from the Australian Professional Standards for Teachers towards maintaining Proficient Teacher Accreditation in NSW

at City of Sydney RSL club
565 George St
Sydney, Australia

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