Book Marketing Strategies

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  1. Alex Naverez Alex Naverez

    I have some questions. What websites do YouTubers use to find sponsors AND/OR affiliate marketers. What is the current average payment rate for sponsors AND/OR affiliate marketers. It is my understanding that one pays by total views, the other by total sales. Thank You

  2. Danielle M Holdman, CPC Danielle M Holdman, CPC

    Synchronicity at its finest, sprinkled with a whole bunch of pixie dust! I was just asking you about book launches under another video yesterday, and I came across this playlist when I was sharing a couple of your other playlist with a colleague of mine's!

  3. William Ferraiolo William Ferraiolo

    If you are interested in the intersection between Stoicism, Buddhism, and contemporary talk therapy, you may enjoy this:

    You may also wish to pre-order this:
    Thank you for your time!

  4. Moonchild of Orcamoon Moonchild of Orcamoon

    Thank you for the tips and tricks 🙂

  5. Mormo Zine Mormo Zine

    Great video! So many awesome special effects!!

  6. Loren Greig Loren Greig

    Looking forward to your new training that covers the marketing strategies that you've used with success for years!

  7. Alan Parker Alan Parker

    Can't wait for some more pixie dust!


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