Book Library on Indian Culture – Many Books and Reference Materials

Books and reference materials like newspapers, catalogues are the best ways of finding genuine and authentic sources to know about the culture and history of any place. There are a large amount of books and other sources which are available on Indian culture and its history. These books and reference materials can be categorised into many different themes and classifications. The books are of Indian history, Indian art, Indian freedom movement and many other. Many of such books are written by eminent Indian philosophers, thinkers and historians while most are also written by western writers.

Different Categories of Books at Book Library on Indian Culture

The books which are available on Indian culture can be categorised into themes like pre 1947 books, post 1947 books, arts and crafts books and Indian fine art books. The book library on Indian culture is known for having all the rare antique and historic international catalogues.
The post 1947 authors who wrote books on the Indian culture are very rare to find as their publication have now stopped and the digital version is very rarely available. The book library also contains some of the exhibition catalogues, international film festival catalogues and a number of reference materials available in news and other related media clippings.

The books which comes under the category of pre 1947 authored books and editions are available on various themes like the pre partitioned Indian culture, the diversity and editors like Jalaluddin Ahmad, Dr Sirajul Islam, Nazrul Islam, Sultan Ali, RoobinaKarode, and Ram Chhaterjee.

All these classic books on Indian culture are on diverse fields and genres like Indian history, national freedom movement of the country, Indian art and crafts, paintings and fine arts and the evolution of fine art in the Indian subcontinent. There are many pioneer authors who have written some of the best books on these subjects.

There are very few libraries where all these books can be available. They are very diverse and hence not all these books are available at one place. One of the best places to have all the books is the online galleries which have information on all these books and their authors. The ISBN number of these books and their publisher details can also be known. The selling price of most of these books is very high because of the antique value and the research which is gone through because of them.

There are also many book clubs and exhibitions where these books are showed to the general public. These antique books raise a lot of money because of the value attached with them. They are not sold directly. However some of the best and historic books are sold through auctions. The auctions are done online for the general public.

The author has done several researches of book library on indian culture and travelled throughout India to explore the culture and heritage of India. Log on to for further details.
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