1. metasprite metasprite

    Wow this black wants attention.

  2. Ernie Velveeta Ernie Velveeta

    Integrity first.
    Service before self.
    Excellence in all we do.

    Clearly, that little shit was lacking in integrity.

  3. Twiggymaster666 Twiggymaster666

    Well I guess he didn’t find racism since it’s “everywhere” made his own up

  4. AbominableHuman AbominableHuman

    90% of the cadre at ft jackson is black (i'm exaggerating, but not by much), and they are all awesome. this says 2 things to me – first that they are probably not racist, and second that if the army is racist then why are all these soldiers so successful in their careers? come on guys. i can only speak from experience.

  5. Daniel Collins Daniel Collins

    This happened at KSU also….

  6. MrTrainerGuy1 MrTrainerGuy1

    This seems to be very common.

  7. Snotmerchant Snotmerchant

    wait, but he's black and blacks cant be racist so he was just writing words on his door.

  8. Hanzo Hanzo

    HE wont get charged either. Black privilege? Also the white general who was going on and on about "we won't tolerate this and that" was a clown and a buffoon.

  9. Medijine Time Medijine Time

    Just another hoax committed.  Starting to show who the true racists are.

  10. Cateranrebel Cateranrebel

    Matt there is an obvious reason for why he did it. He was most likely in danger of washing out of the academy, so he came up with this plan if he could stir up a storm and get some media coverage making himself out to be a victim then he would get an easier ride through the rest of the academy as the military likes to make these incidents go away as quietly as possible. He couldn't just do it to his own door as then he would draw too much attention to himself so he did it to all the black cadets doors.

  11. Steven D. Bennett Steven D. Bennett

    I said at the time it was a hoax. They ALWAYS are.


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