Big Deal: VIP Supporters Event

Big Deal: VIP Supporters Event
We are delighted to let you know that we have been awarded a significant grant to continue the work of Big Deal, our award-winning youth arts programme for hard to reach young people in Barking and Dagenham and the surrounding areas.  We start with a bang in August with a summer project and follow on with a packed annual programme of outstanding, ambitious work for children young people. As ever the success of our work is in reaching the young people who need it the most.  We would like to invite you to an informal Supporters Briefing at Studio 3 Arts, where over a drink and a bite to eat we will bring you up to speed about the programme, hear your feedback and opportunities to connect our work to yours, and share how you can refer children, young people and families to be involved in what we hope will be a truly exciting year of activities in the borough. We look forward to seeing you!

at Studio 3 Arts
Boundary Road
Barking Town, United Kingdom

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