Benefits of homeschooling your kids

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  1. John Lamphier John Lamphier

    People say the stupidest things about homeschooling kids. I never did it but I went to a church where a lot of kids were homeschooled, and they did not fit the world`s stereotypes at all. They were not isolated, socially inept, or naive. They were all the opposite. Very outgoing, very confident, social and kind. In some cases athletic too, because they did sports outside of homeschooling. People accuse people in church of being ignorant; it's the other way around. I know one woman did the homeschooling of her 2 girls, then had them go public in highschool so they could be on a swim team because they were swimmers all their lives. They competed a lot and we're in all the advanced classes because they were so smart. They even took the bus, and were fine. Both went on to college and one became the college`s champion swimmer while there. She`s even a pt therapist now. Not sure why homeschooled kids are seen as being dumbed down.

  2. I G I G

    Socialization is not a problem. Homeschool kids are the best behaved and smarter kids you will ever meet!

  3. John Augustyniak John Augustyniak

    well, they ruined his life

  4. Faith Rose Faith Rose

    I'd home school my child till high school , your kids need to detach from you at one point

  5. phb2911 phb2911

    It would never work in my country because we're way too social, like normal human beings, I'm sure this is the reason why the US has so many lonely and fucked up in the head people… and I'm sure other countries that use this system have the same problems…

  6. Michael Nimley Michael Nimley

    I was never homeschooled growing up, however I totally support the idea. learning should be about thoroughly digesting a subject not just making grades that can't be defended two months later. When I have children…they are definitely going to be homeschooled.

  7. Tabitha Monaco Tabitha Monaco

    Public Schools pretty much suck since the government cherry picks the history textbooks instead of telling you the whole truth.

  8. Melodie Nakagawa Melodie Nakagawa

    I love homeschooling my children. It was scary at first, but now it's actually pretty fab! As for socialization, my children are in different activities with people of all ages. As a matter of fact, there's so much room to socialize with sports, gymnastics, swim classes, cooking classes, art classes, field trips, park day, etc., that I actually had to slow us down a bit. We were socializing so much that I needed us to back up, slow down and socialize a little less. 🙂 🙂

  9. Just Evie Just Evie

    I really want to be homeschooled. I hate school

  10. anonymkille anonymsson anonymkille anonymsson

    we´re not allowed to get home schooled in soviet sweden…

  11. AriellePhoenix AriellePhoenix

    Can't wait to homeschool my little King. It is the ONLY way


    I'm 12 and I'm homeschooled, to be honest I think it's better then public school because they teach you crap things there and it's pointless. But when you are homeschooled you still have to wake up in the morning like when you're getting ready to go to school because you need to teach yourself how to live a life so you don't end up staying at your dad or mums house when you're older because at around that age you need to buy yourself a house and know how to take care of yourself. Some people say you don't meet people or get friends but you still can interact with kids, It's not like you have to be at school to interact with kids lmao. But I just don't agree with people going to public school I don't know about your opinions but that's my opinion.

    Yeah, you probably think I'm too young but I don't care about how old people are.

  13. BEKAH Merritt BEKAH Merritt

    I'm home school and I do not lack social skills

  14. Brooklyn White Brooklyn White

    So much kids for what

  15. J. Muller J. Muller

    The left has been brainwashing your kids for a long time.


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