Behind the Scenes Tours at New England Aquarium

Behind the Scenes Tours at New England Aquarium
Learn exactly what it takes to run the New England Aquarium day to day.

From making sure the animals are healthy to inspecting the tanks and introducing new animals into the exhibits, Aquarium biologists work hard every day to make sure the Aquarium runs smoothly. (After all, the animals still need to eat on weekends and holidays!)

Now it's your chance to get a peek at the life behind the glass.

Join an educator for a personalized behind-the-scenes tour of one of our many galleries. You will learn what the animals eat, how their tanks are maintained, how sick animals are nursed back to health, and other insider tidbits.

Details & Information

Recommended for visitors age 7 and older, and are especially interesting for adult visitors

Tours start daily at 11 a.m. and 3 p.m. from the Information Desk in the Aquarium Lobby and last between 30 and 45 minutes

Tour are offered for groups of up to eight people, including chaperones

Cost per person ( for members) plus Aquarium admission

Photography is allowed, as well as questions for the educators

Visitors can book tours at the Info Desk in the Aquarium Lobby, online or by calling Central Reservations at 617-973-5206

Tours begin promptly at the scheduled time; after 10 minutes, late arrivals can not be accommodated and no refund will be given

Children ages 7-11 must be accompanied by an adult at all times

Tours are also available for school groups of grades 3 to 12.

at New England Aquarium
Central Wharf
Boston, United States

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