Bard on Booze presents Hamlet

Bard on Booze presents Hamlet
The Prince of Denmark has had a bad go of it. His dad is dead and his mom has married his uncle. And he's pretty sure his uncle killed his dad. Will he take action or will he mope around and endlessly debate with himself? Find out in Whim Productions' next Bard on Booze production! Bard on Booze is Kansas City's version of the Drunk Shakespeare phenomona. The actors are deliberately under-rehearsed and increasingly inebriated as they strive for Shakespearen glory. These shows are performed script- and drink-in hand. We put on abbreviated versions of the classic plays that are mashed up with pop culture references.With drinking games for the actors and the audience, anything can happen! Find us at The Buffalo Room, in the back of Westport Flea Market. There's a full menu and bar at your disposal! Admission is just ! Tickets are available online or at the door. The show starts at 8:00 with doors opening at 6:30. We do staggered seating to help with crowd control. (More on that below) Some helpful information:IS THERE FOOD AND DRINK AVAILABLE?Yes! Guests have access to the full Westport Flea Market food and drink menu available, right at your table or seat. Please order from your servers in the Buffalo Room (it helps the Buffalo Room and its staff pay their rent)! Cash or credit! SHOULD I BRING MY KIDS?This IS Shakespeare, but there's going to be a lot of alcohol consumed so there's definitely going to be adult language and who knows what else happening on stage. Probably leave the little ones at home. BUT – it's an all ages venue, so we absolutely welcome guests that aren't yet 21. WHAT IS STAGGERED SEATING AND WHY DO WE HAVE TO CHOOSE A SEATING TIME?The first Drunken Shakespeare reading sold out and there's a good chance this one will, too. We are catered by a kitchen and bar who also have a full restaurant of patrons to serve. 90-100 drunk Shakespeare fans ordering all at once could create a massive kitchen backlog, bringing everything to a halt. Other popular events at the Buffalo Room have been successfully using staggered seating to assist the servers, the kitchen, and the bar in order to provide a pleasant experience to all our guests. HOW DOES STAGGERED SEATING WORK?We ask that you consider reserving tickets in advance and select a seating time to help stagger guest arrival. This also ensures you are guaranteed a seat! 6:30 Table Seating(6:30 ticket holders have first right of refusal on table seating) 7:00 Table Seating(7:00 ticket holders have first right of refusal on best available remaining table seating) 7:30: GA Theatre Seating(7:30 ticket holders have first right of refusal on remaining tables or best available GA theatre seating; table seating NOT guaranteed) General Admission walk-ups are welcome to remaining tables, after which GA theatre seating applies. If a performance is sold out and all advance tickets have been honored or released, a waiting list will be observed. We reserve the right to determine times of ticket release. Please be on time (but not early) for your seating time. If you are late for your selected seating time and there are patrons on the waiting list, YOUR TICKETS MAY BE RELEASED.

at The Buffalo Room
817 Westport Road
Kansas City, United States

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