AXIS: Anatomy of Space

AXIS: Anatomy of Space
Tempo Dance Festival presents AXIS: Anatomy of Space by choreographer, filmmaker and New Zealand Arts Laureate Daniel Belton and Good Company Arts as part of Matariki Festival 2017. AXIS is a stunning 360-degree dome cinema dance project featuring guest artists from the Royal New Zealand Ballet, Singapore’s contemporary choral music scene, and couture fashion from NZ designer Tanya Carlson.  AXIS will draw audiences into a kaleidoscopic journey full of movement - charting space with planetary cartography, fashion design, contemporary dance and music - a unique and uplifting sensory experience. Wed 21 June at 6pm & 7pm Thu 22 June at 6pm & 7pm Duration: approximately 40 minutes KOHA would be appreciated at the door (cash only).

at Stardome Observatory and Planetarium
670 Manukau Rd
Auckland, New Zealand

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