Associate Vs. Bachelor’s Degree – Which is Which?

After going through high school, the next thing that you need to do is to decide whether or not you are going to college. Once you want to go to college, you can then ask yourself if you want to take an associate degree or a bachelor’s degree.

These two are degrees that you can take. There are similarities. But, there are more differences between the two of them.

An associate degree will take you about two years to complete. So, if you are looking for a degree that will allow you to be employed only after two years, this can be best for you. A bachelor’s degree will require you to go to school for a minimum of 4 years. You might have to wait until you finish the course before you can find a decent and suitable job for you.

The cost of education for an associate degree can also be lower than in a bachelor’s degree. This will not only be based on the number of years that will take you to finish the degree. Most of the time, the expenses will be on the tuition fees and other fees that are related to the course.

For those who are willing to take out a student loan, they might be able to finance a four-year course. However, those who are looking forward to getting a good-enough job as soon as possible, they might rather go for an associate degree. The degree might be enough to make you competitive without having to spend too much for acquiring it.

When you have a family to take care of, you will need to find a job as fast as you can. Taking on part-time jobs while you go to school will not suffice. And so, your next option will be to finish school as soon as you can. Another way that you can go to is to use your associate degree to get a bachelor’s degree in the future. Once you are financially able, you may enroll for a bachelor’s degree. The units and the courses that you have taken with your associate degree might be credited.

Having a bachelor’s degree, however, can give you an edge when you are placed with other applicants who are graduates of associate degrees. This degree allows you to have access to jobs that have higher financial rewards. Since you have invested a lot of time and effort in your studies, it will also merit that you can take a job that is suited for your level of skills.

A four-year course is assumed to help develop you into an independent person who is able to handle problems and manage conflicts or challenges that come with your job.

Although it will not be applicable at all times, those who have bachelor degrees can have an easier time in finding jobs. When the pool of applicants contains a few bachelors degree holders and several associate degree holders, surely, those who have bachelor’s degrees will be highly considered for the available position.

Andre Paul B. Reynolds is a leisure writer who enjoys sharing information about Masters of Divinity Degree and Intercultural Studies Major as well as other interesting topics.

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