ANTIHEROES – Terrible Writing Advice

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    • avatar Terrible Writing Advice 0

      For the record, Berserk is my favorite story and I think that Guts is an amazing protagonist and antihero. I love his design which I referenced when making the character for the antihero in the video along with drawing inspiration from Image comics and 80s action films.
      Unfortunately, success spawns imitators who often fail to imitate the deeper themes and elements that make Berserk such a great character driven story. So no, this video is not a dig at Berserk or Guts. Instead, the video proposes what such a character might be like if a less skilled author read Berserk and decided to try to write an antihero by essentially copying the surface elements and ignoring the deeper themes of the story and more subtle nuances of characterization Guts receives throughout the story.

      • avatar Alex Lee 0

        Aeon Legion better be really damn good after every video you create completely humiliates all of my…I mean…all those other writers' (who aren't me) attempts at writing fantasy.

        • avatar aperture AI#2020 0

          You should also give the antihero a video game where he is swearing and using guns in a burning cit- oh wait.

          • avatar The Crimson fucker 0

            Lobo was basically a parody of that

            • avatar prome57 1

              Hey look. Batman.

              • avatar Christian N. 0

                Man.. this describes Geralt from Witcher 3 perfectly😂

                • avatar Sean Urbik 1

                  Thought experiment: if the original trilogy came out today what would the reviews be? I think it would be blasted six ways to Sunday for the dialogue alone.

                  • avatar Backstage Bum 1

                    I feel like FanFic writers take you literally and don't understand sarcasm. Please stop. You're making more of them.

                    • avatar Atomic Potato 0

                      I swear, your videos just keep getting better and better! Keep up the good work! :D

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                          Fantasy worlds

                          "The Rebellion/Resistance/Uprising"

                          Time Travel

                          The Fourth Wall

                          Political Thrillers

                          -Political Allegory-Actually don't do that

                          Character Deaths

                          Character Betrayal and Villain Reveal

                          Love Triangles for April 1, 2018

                          • avatar Määxorus 1

                            I know it sounds cringy, but I'm gonna compare an antihero I thought up to the points brought up in this video:

                            1: Dark attire: While he does wear darker colors, he wears casual and comfy clothing, like sweat jackets and sweat pants.

                            2: Scars: Yes, he does have the cliché scars over his eye.

                            3: Personality: Apart from being antisocial and untrusting (apart from his companions), he does not have much in common with the run-in-the-mill edgelord characters. Rather, he doesn't take most situations seriously and can be described as a sarcastic asshole who laughs at dark jokes and the mishaps of others. He is also very battle crazed and enjoys a good challenge or playing with weak opponents. However, he genuinely cares about his companions, whom he views as family.

                            4: Reputation: Little to no respect from either side: Most of his enemies hold a grudge against him, and his few friends often call him out for his jerkish behavior.

                            5: Powers: He fights with technique and superhuman abilities, like his companions and enemies, instead of brooding his enemies to death.

                            6: Motive: Instead of revenge, he wants a more peaceful life…Actually, he wants the same lifestyle as he has now, just with less people coming after him.

                            7: Romanticism: He has no romantical or sexual desires whatsoever, so he's pretty indifferent about girls.

                            And that's pretty much it. The antihero I thought up has a lot less to do with the stereotype than I thought.

                            • avatar Martin Sy 1

                              make an advice about Lore, in the main story. please.

                              • avatar DucksUnlimited 0

                                Frank Castle is an anti-hero that falls under a lot of these negative statements but I think it's made up for by actual character development. (At least in the netflix shows) he undergoes a lot of development and isn't really on the side of the heroes to begin with, and there is constant conflict with the heroes on account of his lack of regard for morality or life when it comes to criminals. They make him absurdly powerful and violent but address the obvious conflicts with the justice system and heroes who actually do want to provide things like due process.

                                • avatar GamejGear 0

                                  You should do "how to do a Strong Female character"

                                  • avatar Donny Kitsune 0

                                    Leaning against the wall with arms folded is how they sleep, they go unchallanged because they are shouting its not going to work in their sleep hence why they don't go challanged and the hero looks like an idiot as they stopped for them to just stare in the open eyed guy …..who is just there to take his open eyed nap
                                    THIS IS MY FAILED LOGIC D<