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  1. mangle fnaf official mangle fnaf official

    My mom is on the phone with the person lol we just sent the thing in and I really should have looked at how it is lol but ill just watch about it now

  2. Amr Mohamed Amr Mohamed

    Is k12 for tuition free??

  3. A Lippiatt A Lippiatt

    Conections vs k12 in South Carolina? I'm thinking about switching for the 2nd semester this year (10th grade) and don't know which one would be a better fit. My main think is having a flexible schedule (being able to work ahead and when I want).

  4. Serenity Rangel Serenity Rangel

    I'm getting home school this year😁

  5. Justin K. Justin K.

    K12 was beyond what I could have hoped for. A little background on myself, I just graduated k12, and was doing public schooling until the start of my senior year when I finally said fuck all this homework n shit. I started k12 working hard but soon found I could half ass my way through this in a way I never could at my old school. I have NO interest in college and was only after my diploma. I recently graduated and can honestly say I got online for maybe 15 hours a month, did absolutely NONE of my class connects("Mandatory" virtual classrooms where they teach you the content) , and neglected a good 80% of the low point assignments, but still passed all my classes easy pz. The math class "Practical math" also made me learn and remember shit I didn't even really want to know, but looking back right now learning how to do taxes and fill out a checkbook are way more important tools to have than learning calculus in public school. K12 was a blessing and would 10/10 recommend to anyone, the teachers were extremely flexible and after realizing I didn't have learning problems, just didn't want to do class connects and pointless assignments, they actually worked with me and asked how they could help ME learn better. My old school would have just said no you do it our way or you fail but not K12! I honestly cant say enough good things about this school it was absolutely PERFECT for me!!! Not to mention it was 100% free for me and I was sent a laptop, printer etc. while attending…. This should be Americas go-to schooling system HANDS DOWN!

  6. Claudia Kurtzuba Claudia Kurtzuba

    what state do you live in and I know K12 is in ohio

  7. Butterfly World Butterfly World

    That fire place in the background though. LOL😄

  8. band music band music

    I'm in 5tth grade bout to go in 6th

  9. shantel hill shantel hill

    it just for GED?

  10. Bigdawg Bigdawg

    Can you still play sports at a public high school while doing online school?

  11. EZExGames EZExGames

    Is it year round or do u get a summer break?

  12. Kevin Maldonado Kevin Maldonado

    which program in K12 do you take? I know theres like Keystone, internation academy, and George Washington University one.

  13. Cole Janzen Cole Janzen

    So is this in ks??

  14. David Johnson David Johnson

    any students not from america ?

  15. nichole Yates nichole Yates

    I do indiana virtual schooling and it is a very flexible also you dont have dates for when you have to turn things in. Also you can graduate early and it is free.!


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