African countries waking up to the need of launching large-scale vocational education & training programs

Though education is the most powerful tool to change this world; it is the vocational education & training that has the key to the unacceptably high unemployment pervasive amidst the African youth.

The heads of the governments and the education authorities have come to realize the massive value that vocational education training programs yield, when the content of the programs is carefully developed and delivered.

Those who pass out the vocational programs are easy to be recruited for a variety of job roles in the emerging as well as established sectors, such as automobile, BPOs, and insurance. In other words, the skilled youth are more likely to find a paid work, and thus add to the growth of their economies as well be able to support their families in a lot better way. With this thought in mind, the governments of the African countries have begun to collaborate with their respective vocational education & training authorities to revamp the whole infrastructure to make vocational education in Africa a lot more accessible and affordable.

The ambitious goal to reduce the unemployment amongst their youth requires collaboration with the vocational education experts as well; the governments are well aware of this fact, and thus have roped in many professional end-to-end vocational skill development companies to take the vocational education to the farthest corners of their lands to educate and train youth in different trades. The training experts leverage on their local networks and expertise to customize their training content and skill the youth for the leading employment generating sectors in their regions.

In the last decade, the government bodies have brought about massive changes in their existing policies and formed many new policies to promote vocational education in Africa and change the mindset of the African population, which still looks at vocational education as something opted by those who are academically not that brilliant. African countries, however, are not the only ones which share this mindset for vocational education and training; for some unknown reasons, vocational education and training programs are still considered to be the options for those who are not deemed fit for while collar, office jobs.

Change has begun. The governments, the concerned authorities, the vocational training content development companies, they have begun to collaborate and work towards the set goals. In the coming decades, we can see an Africa which will be playing a greater role in driving the global economy forward.

A vocational education training programme is imparted with an aim to skill the trainees in one or more trades. The newly acquired skills enhance the employability quotient of the trained youth, and thus help them support themselves and their families. For more on vocational education and training scenario in the African countries, please read our other articles.

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