African American Students Playa Hate On African Students At Cornell University

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      • avatar mrsshawn06 1

        Obviously Oshay nor anybody in this comment section understand why the AA students would be complaining about the African students. Instead of looking at the facts or reasons y'all just wanna be in your feelings about this topic

        • avatar Opinions Animation Studios 0

          Oshay Duke Jackson : Thanks, THANKS, *THANKS* …… for doing this VITAL topic!

          This Expatriate Chicagoan KNOWS of a Strong Work Ethic & Strong Study Ethic emanating and originating from a stable, two-parent family ; For I am a product of said parentage (Interracial parentage, by the way… Dad was Black and a Police Captain, Mum was White and a Registered Nurse [God Rest Their Souls]).. Graduated Northwestern University with Degrees in Art & English and I live in The UK now (since 2000) and own and operate my indie animation & film studio.

          I have noticed the animosity that black americans have towards black africans.. 99% of it boils down to black americans look upon black africans as "not being down with it" and "they don't be keepin' it REAL".. and it's the *CHIEF* reason that black africans excel and do the BEST for themselves…and black americans are *STILL* in.. 'da hood… 'da ghetto .. with a sizeable amount being killed, on crack, and in prison, unemployable with criminal records..

          And when was the last time YOU ever heard of *ANY* black-on-black crime in The States……where the victim was a black american…and the killer was a black african???!!? **WHEN???!!!??***

          Make of that what you will.. 'Nuff Said!!!!

          • avatar Eddie Kruggerr 0

            Black Americans dislike any functional group of people. They hate people that are organised, come from a good family, speak proper, and are high achievers. Africans are high achievers. We celebrate high achievers. Not singing and dancing shit

            • avatar TerriTerriHotSauce 1

              African Americans hate everyone, including themselves. Not sure how they can be saved.

              • avatar Gasoline Notes 1

                Another thing I want to say is that Ghana has a music and film industry.Their film industry is Ghallywood.

                • avatar Arf x 2 0

                  The Blaque Student Union's demands are proof-positive of just how retarded they are. It's not the fault of Africans and West Indians that these slave-minded AmeriCAN'T niggas can't compete.

                  • avatar Alexander Oden 1

                    Oh yes they coming real fast , hard but we can stop it dead in its tracks .

                    • avatar Gasoline Notes 0

                      What about Morehouse College,Spelman College and Grambling State University?

                      • avatar HiveQu33n 0

                        Hey Oshay, something similar happened somewhere else, but the designation was "African Americans" and people got mad when white people that were born and raised in South Africa and Zimbabwe were coming to university and that they weren't black.

                        • avatar Awhol Lotta Whoopass 1

                          Shit is getting outta pocket. Damn, I'm tired of us as a people (not the people watching the video or Oshay himself obviously) bitching about every gottdamn thing under the fucking Sun. One thing I've come to realize in life is that you're gonna get shit all across the board. Don't matter what the mother fucker looks like or does for a living, most will try to give you shit. Either you fight past the bullshit like a strong mother fucker or you stay where you are and make no progress bitching and complaining.