Advanced Degree/Ivy League/International Professionals Mixer -Boston (BB)

Advanced Degree/Ivy League/International Professionals Mixer -Boston (BB)
Join our mailing list and get other event invites:   Check out our speeddating events CO-SPONSORED BY: Smarty Pants Professionals Ages 21-35 Well Educated Singles – 20's, 30's, 40's, 50's – Boston Join 20-30 other Boston professionals (most will be single) at chic Minibar for the friendliest social networking event in Boston. Expect to meet well-educated single professionals from a variety of cultures and backgrounds. If you're shy or have to leave early, we will even help you stay in touch with people you meet after the event. This social mixer is for professionals who: *Are an international or expat Boston professional *Possess an advanced degree (Masters or above) or *Graduated with a Bachelors or above from an Ivy League School or *Graduated with a Bachelors or above from an Ivy League Competitor School While you do not have to possess an Advanced or Ivy Degree or be an expat to attend, you should have an interest in cultures and countries outside of the US. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Admission includes  Ice Breaker & Prizes, Venue & Host gratuity, and nametags. Pay as you go for food and drink ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Here is how it works..  -Upon arrive you will be given a name tag with your  name. -We will have several ice breaker games and conversation starter questions throughout the night so you will have a chance to meet everyone at the event. -Prizes will be awarded to two people who use the ice-breakers the most/get the most matches ALL GUESTS ARE WELCOME TO EXCHANGE BUSINESS CARDS AND CONTACT INFO! Can I come alone?  Yes, 98% of those attending will likely come on their own. Dress code?  Be comfortable but keep it neat. Do I have to be single to attend? No, but most attendees will be single. Can you tell me the gender/age ratio of attendees? Historically, about 30-40% of attendees register in the last 36 hours. As a result, we won't have an approximate answer for you. Additionally, we have no control over who shows up and who doesn't. So if we tell you 20 m/f have registered, there's a really good chance 3-5 of those people will flake. (Thanks online dating!) We don't want to give a number and not meet that expectation. If enough people don't register, we will cancel and refund you if you choose or offer you a transfer to another event.   CANCELATION POLICY If you notify us via email that you can not attend, we can provide a credit for you  of the same value for another event. Refunds are provided only in the event that we cancel the event, with the exception of weather related cancelations , as we have no control over the weather. (Venues sometimes apply cancelationm fees of 0-0 dollars or advance payment for food orders.) In the event of a weather related cancelation all attendees are provided a credit code of the same value to use towards another event.  

at Minibar
Boston, United States

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