ADHD & Anxiety

ADHD & Anxiety
The session: ADHD continues to be increasingly recognised in children and now in adults. While often just portrayed as a condition which affects causes attention problems, impulsivity and hyperactivity, in reality it is far more complex and is often poorly understood. There are aspects of ADHD that cause problems for the individual and those around them and often people, particularly girls and women, go undiagnosed. In this talk Dr Karim will explore the idea of ADHD in more depth thinking about the some of the issues which cause problems, ways of working with young people with ADHD including the place of medication and the difficulties present when they also have anxiety, a common co-existing problem.   The speaker: Dr Khalid Karim is a Senior Clinical Teaching Fellow at the University of Leicester and Honorary Consultant in Child and Adolescent Psychiatry, University of Leicester.  He has been in my current post since 2006 and has a busy job working for both a University and NHS Trust. His clinical area of interest is in neurodevelopmental problems such as ASD, ADHD and tics and he is currently involved with others in developing a new service for his local area. He has talked both locally and nationally on various aspects of these conditions and feels that they still go unrecognised and it can be difficult to get help. He also teaches at the University at an undergraduate and Postgraduate level on child mental health and he am currently undertaking a Master’s degree in medical Education. His research is primarily on clinical communication and clinical perspectives on conditions.  

at Television House
269 Field End Road
Eastcote, United Kingdom

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