A Strong Pillar In Background Check Is Reference Check

An organisation's decision to hire a new employee is a very crucial one.Every organisation aims to hire an asset for the organisation and expects that the hire turns to be a productive resource and stays with the organisation for a long time. In the tenure of his/her stay becomes a source of constant value addition.This is the dream of every organisation. Is the hring method adopted by organisations propelling in the direction of the dream fulfillment? The recruiters in an organisation are in charge of bringing in new talent and as and when requirement arises organisations communicate this to the recruiting or the HR department. Sometimes the requirement arises at the eleventh hour and even then the HR needs to generate applications in order to find a replacement for the vacant position. Therefore the recruiter becomes burdened with the challenge of finding a competent resource. On an average a recruiter receives 250 resumes against a single vacancy and takes 6 seconds to scan a resume. In an year a recruiter contacts more than 1500 applicants. After lining up candidates for interview which is conducted over the phone,or by face to face interactions or through a virtual interface; a candidate is shortlisted for the job role. Therefore this process becomes hasty to an extent and does not promise to acquire promising talent and the best among the lot.

Before hiring a candidate organisations should make it a practice to conduct background check for the employee. A proper and systematic background check incorporates a series of checks namely education, address, employment, credit history, legal involvement to ward off the future risks of hiring a wrong person. Without conducting an employee background check involving the above checks the organisation cannot be sure about the integrity of the person and the information shared by him/her pertaining to the areas of organisational interest and requirements of the work role. With due importance being given to the above checks another check also holds equal importance. This is called the reference check.

Reference checks are also essential in order to bring out relevant information about the candidate. Professional reference checks aid in revealing information about the past behavior of the candidate at workplace, his/her relation with colleagues. It also informs about his/her skills of being a team player or the capability of handling projects single handedly depending on the relevancy of the role hired for. Personal reference checks helps the organisation gain a better understanding of the candidate's behavior other than the work place. Reference checks comes as a handy tool in knowing more about the candidate and that helps to retain the candidate as an asset for the organisation. Ultimately, satisfied employee brings in more references by spreading good word of mouth and hiring becomesmuch more easier a task for the organisation.

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