A Night For Freedom

A Night For Freedom
We invite you to join us for a fun night filled with food, drinks and dancing, in order to raise funds and awareness for our friends at For Freedom International -- a Christian, nonprofit working in Southeast Asia to prevent human trafficking and rescue those who are currently enslaved.  What's this night all about? A Night For Freedom is your chance to join in the fight against human trafficking.  You'll have the opportunity to meet and support our dear friends at For Freedom International who are living in Phuket Thailand -- battling human trafficking and sexual exploitation on the front lines.  What can I expect? Expect to have a great night!  Price of the ticket includes: H'orderves Beverages -- all you can drink - responsibly, of course :) DJ -- dancing is strongly encouraged Raffles Further information on how you can help fight against the Human Trafficking Industry in Southeast Asia And loads of awesome people  Sounds great! But what's my money going towards? Your funds will directly support For Freedom International's Restoration and Vocational Training Center which will host both the Grace Salon Training School and Freedom Baking School. These restoration programs are designed to educate, empower, and free people whose lives have been affected by sexual exploitation by providing a 12-month full spectrum education program in hair design and baking. The idea is to equip survivors of the sex trade with vocational knowledge, financial guidance, spiritual counseling, and life skills so they can ultimately have the opportunity to support themselves and their families with dignity. Amazing! How can I help? We'll continue to add items for the raffle up until the last day, so if you have a great idea or gift you can donate, please let us know!  We're open to ideas, so please contact us directly if you'd like to be more involved.   Can't make it? You can still help! Donate to the Grace Salon Training School and receive a tax deductible receipt HERE.  Sponsor a salon or baking student and receive a tax deductible receipt HERE. Go to forfreedominternational.com and gracesalon.org to learn more! We're so excited for this night and can't wait to share it with you! Parking & Directions Guest should plan on parking at the public lot next to the venue (see below) - Right where Rose Ave meets the Venice Boardwalk: 300 Ocean Front Walk. Prices will vary between -9** Please RSVP Please register if you plan to come so we can prepare accordingly. If you know of someone that should be here, please feel free to invite them. Space is limited so please RSVP early. *Have any other questions - email allisan@forfreedominternational.com*

at The Rose Room
6. Rose Ave
Venice, United States

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