A new era of Astronomy Begins – Biggest Black Holes and Cosmic Monsters – Space Documentary 2016

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    • avatar humphrey peek 0

      not far from earth rubbish

      • avatar Youtube Watch 0

        0:22 is that elite dangerous?

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          • avatar sanderbolcan 1

            how incredible is to know these people is able to make all those calculations and get conclusions only through observations

            • avatar Derek Marquez 0

              now i know more about space

              • avatar iDiminished 1

                The content you care about loops @ 47:22

                • avatar Rolands Tamass 1

                  out of sync

                  • avatar Denise Clegg 0

                    what a shit programme.

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                      • avatar TheSlimiestSlime :D 1

                        Most of the comments are like. Hnrhs, or mm. Weird af lol

                        • avatar Cristen Guyote 0

                          Very cool, very cool!!!!!

                          • avatar Adam Mangler 0

                            Tres Jolie.

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                                • avatar I F 1

                                  nice Very goodnice Very good

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