1. valentinereads valentinereads

    I absolutely miss elementary school! I remember it being so hectic and dramatic, though. Now as a junior in high school, I regret not savoring the peacefulness that was elementary school. Great video, definitely some interesting insight!

  2. saif Hussain saif raja saif Hussain saif raja

    saif Hussain

  3. Ders A Snake In Ma Boot Ders A Snake In Ma Boot

    I'm going into 6th grade at a new school why couldn't I have moved in like 2nd grade

  4. Vlorax 88 Vlorax 88

    Can i have a shout out

  5. Vlorax 88 Vlorax 88

    man i miss 4th grade im in 5th in a different school

  6. Maddie Townsand Maddie Townsand

    Thank you so much for this.. This inspired me so much..!!

  7. Bobby Boo Bobby Boo

    Wow this was inspiring

  8. WhirlOmar WhirlOmar

    It's funny but when you're an adult you miss elementary school. I would love to spend a whole day back in school. Schools should have parent or family member day in school at least once a year. That would be a valuable experience for the adult and for the children. And at the end of the day they would share what they learned about going back to school for a day.


    I loveeeeeee the seating set-up!! Very engaging!

  10. nilllyyyyyy nilllyyyyyy

    this is a great and informative video! thank you so much for uploading 🙂

  11. ChrissySaysAlot ChrissySaysAlot

    Hello! im so glad i found your video ☺ I've realized since i was a child I've always played school and help younger kids around me with their homework all the time and i loved doing it! to this day i still love helping ☺ I'll be graduating in a week and I've decided i want to be an elementary school teacher i just wanted to know how do you deal with the bad days? and how do you feel being surrounded by so many little people? haha im used to helping individually but over all can be tricky huh?

  12. Obed Vargas Obed Vargas

    do you work at ocps florida

  13. Sponge Bob Square Pants Sponge Bob Square Pants

    Being a teacher seems scary. I mean how the heck are you supposed to answer all their questions and become an expert in all those classes? Smh…

  14. Adam TheLegend Adam TheLegend

    School sucks

  15. Кapeh Kawaii Кapeh Kawaii

    I loved watching this because I'm thinking about becoming a kindergarten or pre-k teacher <33


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