1. kael da cool kid 101 kael da cool kid 101

    That's alot of Rick and morty fans

  2. kael da cool kid 101 kael da cool kid 101

    The SPECIAL forces unit of America

  3. kinky panii kinky panii

    This is not special education 🤦🏽‍♀️

  4. John Spinelli John Spinelli

    I dont know how its possible to have that much patience being a special ed teacher

  5. Kathy Schamberger Kathy Schamberger

    Really, really, nice work here Jared. What a surprise it was to come across this!

  6. Alexpander Alexpander

    * long, pronounced snort *

  7. Plasma Skull Plasma Skull

    How do I know if I am in special ed or just a alternative ed program. The kids in my program act a lot better than this and act like typical trouble making teens

  8. Stephanie Dove Stephanie Dove

    the folding board is awesome.

  9. Stephanie Dove Stephanie Dove

    this take emense patience and tolerance.

  10. Josh Rose Josh Rose

    i was diagnosed with aspbergers and i help with the special needs kids at my high school and all of them are nice and good kids just have a harder time to learn some things.

  11. William Halfmann HD William Halfmann HD

    yo bitch if you can't stand those kids farting near you just beat their ass up

  12. Shana Encarnacion Shana Encarnacion

    Young Ma
    Shane Encarnacion
    Yes Yes

  13. SkullReacts 22 SkullReacts 22

    No stuff Sherlock these kids need to be ready for collage your just sitting your but off while the two twins are ready your teaching them to use caculators are you trying to get fired

  14. Shelby Greene Shelby Greene

    Being from a family with and handicaped member, some of these comments make my heart break and make me so angry at the fact that you are looking past the fact that these teachers dedicate much of their lives to these children. Being a special ed teacher is not just a 9 to 5 job. In fact teaching in general isnt either. These teachers try to provide exposure and skills for this kids. AND im sure that if the families could they would give these awesome kids all their attention and teach them themselves. But get this, they (the students)deserve just as equal of an education as you do. Ok, it might not look the same as your wasted education looked but they are generally learning the same skills that you do. It angers me that the people from these comments had any right to judge these people for doing all they can to provide and educate. If you think that these children are stupid, i suggest you use that wasted education of yours and think a little harder about your opinion. Thanks😊😊😊

  15. Kaitlin Paulus Kaitlin Paulus

    This is like the best school

  16. Muhammed Saif Khan Muhammed Saif Khan

    they are good kids they deserve a better education then this crap

  17. adam petersen adam petersen

    These kids don't need to be going to school, they need love from their parents family and friends. not from a random teacher that wants to give her love to a bunch random kids who either were put in to these classes because of a minor quirk like adhd and or taught to be like all the rest of the people who actually have special needs. Of course the school will want anyone they can get in these classes. Do you want to know why? extra money for the school and they have an absolute control over you that you or your parents can do nothing about. You will never learn anything from these classes. Parents should be able to teach their own children how they see fit instead of being in the grip of the school.

  18. Lexy Spraggins Lexy Spraggins

    is this a mild/moderate disability classroom or would you classify it as a severe/profound classroom?

  19. Muhammed Saif Khan Muhammed Saif Khan

    every human is different and unique in there iwn way like these individuals

  20. Ba ss Ba ss

    I would fuck that teacher


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