A behind-the-scenes look at the undergraduate admissions process


  1. Soumya Vats Soumya Vats

    I just found out I got in!! So excited! 😀

  2. Arianna Z Arianna Z

    I am so scared oh my god

  3. 123gwf 123gwf

    This was one of the more depressing things I've watched in quite some time.

  4. Hazel Agosila Hazel Agosila

    wow, this is amazing and interesting. This is a fair trial for those who want to get into their dream college; although not everyone are lucky enough to pass. It is just amazing how it (application) can be so stressful and grueling. I made some research and found some website that can help you with the process. But the most effectual is Ivy Research. You can google it. They have tips and samples for your Admission Essays.

  5. Chris Johnson Chris Johnson

    Thanks for explaining the process, at first it seemed like a rather difficult hurdle but this video really clarified a lot, thank you.

  6. polartec239 polartec239

    This shows exactly what makes Brandeis so unique.

  7. BrandeisUniversity BrandeisUniversity

    Congratulations, Keane! We hope you decide to join the Brandeis family!

  8. Keane Frady Keane Frady

    It's amazing that Brandeis was so candid in its reply to heylollipops. I've been wait listed by WashU and Unchicago and they gave me jack all in terms of data. There was literally a frequently asked question on a WashU page about how many students are on the wait list and the reply was, "We won't know how many until after the wait list reply deadline of May 1st, 2013." Come on guys, then tell us how many positions you offered. This kind of openness makes me want to come to Brandeis (I got in!).

  9. BrandeisUniversity BrandeisUniversity

    We're looking forward to welcoming you to campus!

  10. raiaan123 raiaan123

    I met Jennifer at an interview.
    I won a full-tuition scholarship to Brandeis
    so I'll be there nxt yr. Thnx for this vid "BU".
    Jennifer is such a cool woman btw. I can't wait to meet Pam XD


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