8 “Stupid” Copywriting Tricks (Part 1) | Chris Haddad

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    • avatar whymusti99 1

      Was watching up till the ballsy stuff, pretty sure audiences have tuned out to such sales talk. It just sounds fake in today's time.

      • avatar Nelson pickett 0

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        • avatar Momo Maximilian 1

          Do you Invent pig stories? Or do you know all those stories?

          • avatar John Malkovitch 0

            I feel like I just slept with a hooker and need to scrub my body clean until it bleeds after listening to this guy. Total sleazy marketing sales techniques.

            • avatar Simen Platou 1

              Awesome that you guys got Dana White to do this presentation :D

              Thanks for the info!

              • avatar Johnzilla87 0

                I can't finish this. I'm distracted by the mutton chops, the bulging cargo pockets, and duct-tape toe shoes.

                • avatar El li 0

                  Clever – plus too cute

                  • avatar simehong2000 0

                    why when i promotion my product at Facebook , Instagram but no one buy even the price is already cheap ?

                    • avatar cxa011500 1

                      Awesome vid. Great tips! Go for the gut and start with the narrative that's already going on in people's head.

                      • avatar sarah beara 1

                        I love PIG stories. Hands down, the best marketing strategy IMO