8 Hours Relaxing Nature Sounds Calming Birdsong Sound of Water Relaxation Meditation

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    • avatar lyndsey Mcpherson 0

      thank you so much

      • avatar Nasser Ahmed 1

        ممتاز جدا
        احلا من الترددات الدماغية
        الفا وبيتا
        صوت الطبيعة غيبببييييييييير

        • avatar Jera Dmha 1

          لا اله الا الله

          • avatar Jada Hanners 1

            I listened to 6 hours of this last night. This is perfect

            • avatar Praamsaga 1

              There was a time where I once,… laid,… down,… zzzzzzz………….

              • avatar Abdiraim Memedi 0

                So relaxing.

                I sleep everynight with this sound, just i love it. Like if you agree and does the same. 👌❤

                • avatar Daniela Encarnación 1


                  • avatar sueb raschio 1

                    Absolutely wonderful

                    • avatar Frisk The Human 1

                      I love the video! As someone who has trouble sleeping, and a dog that snores very loudly, this really helps me go to sleep better at night.

                      • avatar Sandra J. 1

                        I am happy I found your Youtube with all these wonderful videos. Thank you SO much!

                        • avatar Ahmed Nyc 0

                          سبحان الخالق ما اعظمه

                          • avatar Iurie Bobeică T. 1


                            • avatar Liquid 0

                              I just got in from skateboarding out in the sun for a few hours, and im waiting for the water I put in my brita to get cold while im watching this..I'm so thirsty

                              • avatar Gennie.unicorn 0

                                Omg I love this😍 it's 2 am and I can't sleep, this works😍👌