8 Hours Nature Sounds Waterfall River Relaxation Meditation Johnnie Lawson W:O Birdsong Slish Wood S


  1. Good Old Day's Good Old Day's

    p.s. —feet were a mistake. lol.

  2. Good Old Day's Good Old Day's

    I hate to admit this but. I actually cry like a baby watching and listening to this. Being an extreme nature LOVER, this permeates my soul. I notice every leaf, every small flower leaning over watching the flow of the water . I can feel the coolness as if I was really there. I have a hard time turning it off. Bless your heart 👣💖

  3. Rolfe Winterson Rolfe Winterson

    have you ever considered putting the location for these amazing videos! I would love to know, if nothing else, a county and state, or maybe the name of a park. of course, if it is on private property, I can understand why not.

  4. The-oneN-Only The-oneN-Only

    Nice sound

  5. david vasquez david vasquez

    It's a warm sound thanks for posting..

  6. Molly Graf Molly Graf

    Oh this is lovely! Just discovered this last night and I've now subscribed. This lulled me to sleep last night and I had a better night's sleep than I've had in a while.

  7. Norma Jean Monroe Norma Jean Monroe

    I could stay here all day.!!!!

  8. Andy Reeves Andy Reeves

    my wife loves to meditate.

  9. She so Layah27 She so Layah27

    Thanks for these vids I can finally relax😋😋😀😀😋

  10. MuralForm MuralForm

    I listen to this when I'm working in the office on administrative stuff.

  11. M Outdoors M Outdoors

    Very nice flowing river, thank you! :))

  12. Emily Burnell Emily Burnell

    i love this! its soo calming

  13. Pure Ambient Drone Pure Ambient Drone

    ZZZZZ time for a nap 🙂

  14. Havenwyn Havenwyn

    Almost every day I try to take a 10 min nature break at work and this is my go to. Thanks for the upload

  15. พรเทพ ถนอมรอด พรเทพ ถนอมรอด

    I like very much

  16. Phil Smith Phil Smith

    Thanks for the upload, been using this to help my tinnitus all day, really have had relief from it and helps me focus when i am working 🙂

  17. Static_Blue Static_Blue

    Thank you for this. I have been putting this on my tv from Roku and it helps me fall asleep. I can dream better because of it as Well. The difference is very noticeable. Keep it up! So many great videos and this one has become a new favorite.

  18. Claire de Jesus Romulo Claire de Jesus Romulo

    Thank you, beautiful. God bless always namaste


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