8 Hours Nature Sounds Waterfall River Relaxation Meditation Johnnie Lawson W:O Birdsong Slish Wood S

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    • avatar Good Old Day's 1

      p.s. —feet were a mistake. lol.

      • avatar Good Old Day's 0

        I hate to admit this but. I actually cry like a baby watching and listening to this. Being an extreme nature LOVER, this permeates my soul. I notice every leaf, every small flower leaning over watching the flow of the water . I can feel the coolness as if I was really there. I have a hard time turning it off. Bless your heart 👣💖

        • avatar Rolfe Winterson 1

          have you ever considered putting the location for these amazing videos! I would love to know, if nothing else, a county and state, or maybe the name of a park. of course, if it is on private property, I can understand why not.

          • avatar The-oneN-Only 0

            Nice sound

            • avatar david vasquez 0

              It's a warm sound thanks for posting..

              • avatar Molly Graf 0

                Oh this is lovely! Just discovered this last night and I've now subscribed. This lulled me to sleep last night and I had a better night's sleep than I've had in a while.

                • avatar Norma Jean Monroe 0

                  I could stay here all day.!!!!

                  • avatar Andy Reeves 0

                    my wife loves to meditate.

                    • avatar She so Layah27 0

                      Thanks for these vids I can finally relax😋😋😀😀😋

                      • avatar MuralForm 0

                        I listen to this when I'm working in the office on administrative stuff.

                        • avatar M Outdoors 1

                          Very nice flowing river, thank you! :))

                          • avatar Emily Burnell 0

                            i love this! its soo calming

                            • avatar Pure Ambient Drone 0

                              ZZZZZ time for a nap :)

                              • avatar Havenwyn 0

                                Almost every day I try to take a 10 min nature break at work and this is my go to. Thanks for the upload

                                • avatar พรเทพ ถนอมรอด 0

                                  I like very much

                                  • avatar Phil Smith 1

                                    Thanks for the upload, been using this to help my tinnitus all day, really have had relief from it and helps me focus when i am working :-)

                                    • avatar Static_Blue 1

                                      Thank you for this. I have been putting this on my tv from Roku and it helps me fall asleep. I can dream better because of it as Well. The difference is very noticeable. Keep it up! So many great videos and this one has become a new favorite.

                                      • avatar Claire de Jesus Romulo 1

                                        Thank you, beautiful. God bless always namaste