6 Reasons Why Adult Education is a Must

Ever since the opening up of India’s economy, the country has grown impressively. However, despite India’s rise as one of the leading world economies, it has the largest number of illiterates in the world. Lack of education not only makes a section of people a burden for the economy, it also as a hindrance to their personal growth. Here are some of the reasons why adult education and training are essential: –

Improving literacy rates

Despite having the ninth largest economy in the world, India has a failed to improve its quality of education. The uneducated, downtrodden sections of the society have no access to formal education which acts as a major hindrance to their progress in life. NGOs that offer adult education programmes help in making adults gain formal education and find a suitable source of employment. This, in turn, helps in improving the level of the literacy within the country.

Poverty Alleviation

People with no access to education are either underemployed or unemployed. By providing them with access to education, NGOs help them acquire them in acquiring the necessary skills required to acquire suitable employment and have a sustainable source of income. As a result, a large number of poor families can come out of the vicious cycle of poverty.

Creation of high skilled human resources

By providing education to illiterate adults, NGOs help them become valuable human resources who can contribute to the long-term growth and development of the country. So, they help in turning illiterates from liabilities into assets by providing them with education which helps them acquire gainful employment.

Reduction in the number of dropouts

There are many people who were forced to drop out of schools and colleges because of the financial constraints. Hence, people who were forced to quit studies midway can complete their studies and find a suitable means of employment. As a result, people from poor backgrounds can complete their education and progress in their lives. Their living conditions also improve and they are able to support their families in a better way.

Upliftment of downtrodden sections

People from poor socio-economic backgrounds often fail to improve their quality of life because of the lack of education. By offering adult education training programmes to these people, NGOs provide them with an opportunity to improve their socio-economic condition and improve their own social position.

Reduction of social inequalities

In India as in other developing countries around the world, there is a yawning gap between the rich and the poor. The rich and affluent have access to all luxuries and amenities while the poor live from hand to mouth. By offering free access to education, NGOs play a vital role in reducing the rich-poor divide that is more visible in urban areas. Through education, the urban poor become aware of their rights and duties and become responsible citizens.

The author of this article is a social worker and blogger. She writes about the NGOs that offer adult education in Navi Mumbai and other parts of Mumbai, and also provide special programs for dropouts, sustainable livelihood for women and several other movements that lead to the nation’s progress.

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