1. Lue Lue

    "Yet, if I pulled a Snickers bar, nobody would have said anything" – well yeah diabetes is a personal choice, while second hand smoking can be passed onto others.

  2. RhetoricLee Speaking RhetoricLee Speaking

    I disagree with most of the opening of this video. First, do not feel pressured to be funny. We circulate so many videos in which speakers make the audience laugh and then we give advice such as "connect with your audience" or "make your audience laugh." But most people come across as pandering when they try to be funny. If you aren't funny, or you don't have great comedic timing, then don't be funny. You can engage your audience in so many ways without asking them to "participate" or "grabbing their attention" (two phrases I never use). What you want to do is present the audience an opportunity to engage you–with their minds–by opening with something that is both on the theme of the speech and that makes the audience think. An analogy works great for this purpose. It doesn't require physical audience interaction, it doesn't require you to be funny, and it doesn't pander. If you don't have comedic timing or are new to public speaking then begin by telling a thoughtful analogy that will also be relatively simple for you to deliver (no note cards in the beginning of your speech!)

  3. Monica Rae Monica Rae

    Yes !! I always do the instant engagement participation tip. Great video

  4. Mike Holt Mike Holt

    Fantastic tips….but I'm afraid you missed something: Could you give us a list of the 6 tips? While watching the video I only came up with 5….1 Use a prop. 2. Get the audience responding to you. 3. Use humor. 4. Tell a story. 5. Leave the audience with a thought-provoking idea or a way to take action. Did I miss something?

  5. Stef Diaz Diaz Stef Diaz Diaz

    break down of ragnar lothbrok portrayed by travis fimmel in vikings

  6. Barbara Derrick Barbara Derrick

    I truly thank you for breaking this speech down and walking us through it. I was looking for a way to deliver a Keynote Speech from Professional Speaker Manual and wasn't sure how to go about it. Thanks!

  7. MaidenCorp MaidenCorp

    The choice of apparel on this man is scandalous. But he is good. Which still isn't a valid excuse for this cravate.

  8. Ammar Ibrahim Ammar Ibrahim

    Like before I watch

  9. that guy that guy

    Talk about Peter Parker please

  10. Ashley Sherrard Ashley Sherrard

    Haha this is awesome just what my day needed. Thank you for making this video. Hope everyone on here is having a great day! You guys are beautiful and deserve the best that life has to offer.

  11. Abo saud 66 Abo saud 66

    It is very convincing and interesting.

  12. Eduardo Tenorio Eduardo Tenorio

    Campeonato de falar em público? Parece coisa de americano mesmo (competição de debates e etc.).

  13. Fdsa Desa Fdsa Desa

    U interupt too much


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