4 Reasons To Quit Screenwriting by Lee Jessup

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    • avatar Antagonista 1

      Lee Jessup! Fantastic!

      • avatar Ginomai Films Limited 0

        I write to Direct… I direct to write..period.. I'm currently writing my very first feature on the independent side to film next year.

        • avatar YourLBN 0

          My day is made any time I see you post a Lee Jessup interview!!! Happy Thursday good people! – Alex –

          • avatar Giorgi Gudiashvili 0

            She says it herself that writing itself was not her thing. If you feel it is, just don't quit at 23.

            • avatar Mr October 0

              1) If you have arthritis in your fingers.
              2) If you're a woman or a minority.
              3) If you want to see your own ideas up on screen.
              4) If you believe reality is more important than illusion.

              • avatar Muzafar Md Yusof 1

                Yeahh…. what was the 4 reasons again….???

                • avatar LoneWolfGaming 0

                  I wouldn't quit

                  • avatar Eric Don Bosco 0

                    I'm like that – a writer who doesn't commit to writing. I'm probably better-suited to where she is at. How did she get into development?

                    • avatar Quade77 0

                      sorry but what was the 4 reasons again?