3001 Reference Manual for Avaya IP Office Maintenance and Troubleshooting Exam

3001 exam is also known as Avaya IP Office Maintenance and Troubleshooting exam. This exam is affiliated with ACSS (Avaya Certified Support Specialist) certification program. This exam corresponds to the following certification.

* ACSS - Avaya Certified Support Specialist - SME Communications

Career Prospects

* Passing this certification exam will result in earning the title of ACSS and it validates aspirant's awareness and expertise in installation process of Avaya IP Office customer solution.

Concept and Objectives

This exam examines candidate's abilities and understanding of fundamental tasks involved in Implementation, configuration, administration, and troubleshooting for Avaya IP Office customer solution for an enterprise environment. It also covers the aspects of customization and maintenance of the IP office system and utilization of IP Office advanced applications.

Targeted Audience

Targeted aspirants for this exam are following individuals.

* Implementation Specialist
* Avaya Associates
* Implementation Analyst
* Avaya Partners
* Resellers involved in IP Office Implementation and Design

3001 Course Outline

Following are topics, which are included and most likely be appearing in exam but are not limited. These are general guidelines please consult Avaya learning center for detailed list of course topics and exam contents.

* Description of connection of SIP trunks and VoIP functionality
* Identification of requirements for installation of IP Office applications
* Explanation of functionality and special features of voice networking and IP Office data
* Explanation of Construct call flows this also includes advanced applications
* Description of Actions of Database
* Text to Speech Actions
* Definition of IP Office Small Community Network's functionality
* Explanation of UMS - Unified Messaging Service

3001 Questionnaire

* There will be approximately fifty five to sixty five questions altogether.
* Questions will be presenting multiple choices, which require either a single response or multiple answers.
* Hot area, build a tree type, or drag and drop are also expected.
* Exam contains occasional unscored items.
* Passing score is seventy percent or higher marks.
* This course is available in English language.

Registration Process

It is a proctored exam. Registration for this exam is available at The Pearson VUE Testing Centers.

3001 Preparation Tips

Following courses are available and recommended training material for the preparation of this exam.

* Virtual class room online instructor led training course.
o Course code - 5S00004V
o Course Title - IP Office Advanced Configuration Application Workshop
o Course Duration - 24 hours

* Instructor led class room training course offered by Avaya Learning Center. Please contact Avaya for any further information on classes and scheduling.
o Course code - 5S00004I
o Course Title - IP Office Advanced Configuration Application Workshop
o Course Duration - 24 hours

* Self paced course, which will provide most up to date knowledge.
o Course code - 5S00001W
o Course Title - IP Office Technical Delta Release 7.0
o Course Duration - 3 hours
o Course code - 4S00003W
o Course Title - IP Office Technical Delta Release 8.0
o Course Duration - 3 hours

Validation Period of Certification

* This certificate is valid for three years time span.

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