29 Screenwriting Mistakes


  1. Gable Gable

    Can someone sum up the goal of Being John Malkovich in 5 seconds?

  2. realphab realphab

    Fade in.

    A man push another man.

    "Oh, shit. Did you push me?"

    A MAN

    Fade out.

  3. SquirrelsForAll SquirrelsForAll

    Wonderfully composed. Thank you for posting.

  4. Kyungsooperior Chanyeolegendary Kyungsooperior Chanyeolegendary

    I am so thankful for this. this is a great reminder for writers

  5. andyt1313 andyt1313

    19:50 Ah. Now I know why I have difficulty watching Tarantino's brilliant movies. My blood pressure is constantly churning to where I feel I'm about to pass out.

    Love the video but I wish the speakers would talk about real world examples in movies.

  6. Aventurera Aventurera

    Thank you for the information! I love writing and Im going to give it a try and trust in myself

  7. azzouz hassan azzouz hassan

    what about writing a script about a charachter who doesn't have motivation lol
    those fucks are so overpaid that they push it too hard to convince us about what is a mistake and what is not
    im going to sleep right now i lost my motivation……………..

  8. RangaRiis RangaRiis

    My beef with letting things go wild is for me that it leads to places I don't like, where now things are bullshit, impossible, too disturbing, out of line or character, raises more -sometimes unresolvable – questions, and overall just a complete and utter mess. Roll back and try it again, and again, and again, and again. How did I end up there? If the answer to that is because you went out the rails into a galaxy far far away, then it's pretty clear I need to hold back to never end up there again. Granted too much holding back=nothing getting NOT BORING.

  9. Mc Gam Mc Gam

    There's so many idea in my head but need to to study first film course right?! and it takes 4 years right and I'm too old study. Crying!!!! Can you write a story script and even without background course of film

  10. chad kuffert chad kuffert

    Thanks for sharing this!

  11. No Where No Better Than Yard No Where No Better Than Yard

    Thank You


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