24 HRS WITH A HOMESCHOOLING/TRAVELING FAMILY OF 11: Traveling full-time w/9 kids

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  1. Ashley Franta Ashley Franta

    I love how independent a lot of the kids are, I’m sure it’s day to day and learnt motivation but it’s pretty amazing. They are so bright and want to learn. AND DEAR HANK & JOHN IS SO INFORMATIVE!!

  2. Kismet Bleu Kismet Bleu

    I love Esther.

  3. Chloe Print-Lambert Chloe Print-Lambert

    Have you guys tried out ordering your grocery shopping online to have it delivered? We do this once a fortnight to fill our freezer and dry cupboards goods and tins/sauces etc and then we only have to pick up fresh produce at the supermarket or the market 🙂 it only costs a couple pounds and you get good offers!

    It’s awesome to see you guys in Ireland, it looks like the whole family is much brighter and enjoying the experience and being able to speak to people helps a huge amount I’m sure! You seem less burnt out for sure it’s wonderful to see 🙂

  4. Karen Redding Karen Redding

    Those sheep with the pink and blue reminds me of cotton candy. So windy, is it like that everyday?

  5. Tracy Cook Tracy Cook

    That was very interesting day in your life .just out of interest do you have in your day a family time of fellowship?

  6. Cheryl graver Cheryl graver

    Safeway, Walmart all deliver groceries now! Walmart will put them away for you

  7. Cheryl graver Cheryl graver

    If you look at the other person elbow when high 5ing, you will never miss!

  8. Jane Smith Jane Smith

    Megan, the way you were your hair around 6:40 looks so like lovely on you!

  9. tania d tania d

    You guys rock 🎸

  10. Cathelijne de Jongste Cathelijne de Jongste

    Love love love this life in the day! Can’t wait to see more 🙂

  11. Vacant Vaper Vacant Vaper

    awesome vlog tfs!

  12. Joan Hall Joan Hall

    I think it must be nice to be in a country that values large families. Love watching your travels.

  13. Adulting Responsibly Adulting Responsibly

    I really enjoyed this video. I have always liked to the ordinary parts of your day like the homeschooling and breakfast because your family is so different from mine XD If you feel like it it would be nice to see more days in the life videos!

  14. Leonita Staite Leonita Staite

    Yeeeeeeeaaaaaa! I was so happy to see a new video from you guys. I LOVE your channel. Thanking you for sharing your day. I will eagerly await the next video. May God continue to bless and keep you all safe and happy.

  15. Lex Lex

    I love how your family is so down to earth and chill. Also for those of you wondering about the homeschooling, I was homeschooled..I learned more in 3-4 hours of homeschooling than I do now in 9 hours of medical school lectures! Self-directed learning is SO much better, not only because the student is fully engaged but because they are often actually interested in the material! 🙂

  16. cristi0771 cristi0771

    I love Andrew's enthusiasm to learn and share knowledge! Too bad Jude didn't enjoy the real-life sheep. I love how patient you guys seem to be!! For some reason, I thought it was funny how Andrew looked at the camera and then looked both ways and you had to tell him to move at 14:58 lol.

  17. Sherri Solomon Sherri Solomon

    love your videos! Have you guys seen the movie Babe? It's a good family movie ,I think it's filmed in Ireland. Check it out if you can, it's a good movie!!

  18. Karen Gilbank Karen Gilbank



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