2-Day Camera Videography and Video Editing Course for BEGINNERS [in SINGAPORE]

2-Day Camera Videography and Video Editing Course for BEGINNERS [in SINGAPORE]
Would you like to make your own professional-looking Facebook video or YouTube video to promote your products and services… at the same time, get more leads and sales?   Are you a Business Owner, Marketer or Trainer looking to make a video for your organisation? Are you interested in learning how to produce your own videos in-house? Would you like to publish video to the Web to promote your products or services? Join Adrian for 2 days of intense, entertaining, and informative training. Discover How to Make Your Own Professional-looking Video in TWO Days! http://www.videolane.com/courses/basic-videography/ Course Objective By the end of the course, participants would be able to shoot and edit a 1-minute YouTube video using proper sound and lighting techniques. You would also learn the seven core camera skills for video, setting up a mini green screen studio and the essential video editing technique. Course Outline In this course, you will discover:1. The Basics of Video Production and Videography.2. The Camera and the 7 Core Camera Skills for Video.3. Sound Recording and Video Lighting Techniques.4. How to Set Up a Mini Green Screen Studio.5. Video Editing Computers, Software, and Techniques.6. Basic Video Editing Using Free Professional Software.7. YouTube, Facebook and Web Video Publishing. Class size is limited, so book your seat early! For Whom - Business Owners, Marketing Professionals, Trainers, and Public Speakers. - Small Businesses, Multinational Companies, Government Agencies and Educational Institutes. - For those who want to produce their own videos in-house to promote the organization’s products and services. How is the Class Conducted? Here’s an idea of what your Workshop Day will be like: DAY ONE Introduction to Videography & Video Production How to Choose the Right Camera for Video Recording Introduction to Video Editing Computers and Software SEVEN Core Camera Skills for Video You Must Know Microphone & Sound Recording Techniques Indoor & Outdoor Video Lighting Techniques Setting Up a Mini Green Screen Studio Hands-on Studio Shoot for a YouTube Production DAY TWO Editing in Premiere Pro: the fast-track approach Setting up a project and a sequence | Importing and organising media | Marking and selecting the best takes from clips Performing insert, overwrite and replace edits | Trimming, splitting, moving, and deleting clips Applying transitions, effects, and filters Creating titles and texts Understanding layers Audio editing and mixing | Recording voice-overs Changing clip speed | Colour correction | Green screen or chroma key effect | Multi-cam editing techniques Exporting your final project | Facebook and YouTube Video Publishing. http://www.videolane.com/courses/basic-videography/ Sample Outcome What Can You Do After the Two Days of Training? Here are some projects which are done by participants at the end of the 2-day training.In the hands-on segment, you will set up a mini green screen studio with the correct sound and lighting technique. We will create a 1-minute YouTube video where you are the Producer and Adrian is your actor. https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PL0C36BD24549803C9 Requirement What to Bring Along? To maximise your learning experience, here are 3 pointers: 1. Bring along your own video camera to familiarise with its controls and practise shooting techniques. If you do not have one, you may use your phone camera or share with others while discovering which camera best suit your needs. (Optional: If you have a camera, let me know the model, so I can prepare your camera-specific instructions in advance) 2. Bring along your own laptop for video editing practice. We will download the software on DAY ONE and start practising on Day TWO. If you do not have one, we can always share. You may bring either a MacBook or a Windows laptop. We will discuss the specifications in class. (Pre-requisite: You must be familiar with your own laptop operation, especially the foundation concept of copy/paste functions and files/folders organisation.) 3. Bring a list of questions about using the video camera, video editing, and web video production. This is a small interactive class where each participant gets a chance for hands-on experience. You Will Get What Will You Take Away? Digital course slides, PDF ebook guide and mind maps Working files; stock footage, music and sound effects Printed worksheets and checklists A Certificate of Completion (75% attendance) Email access to instructor after the course Who Has been Through this Course? Recent participants include; A*STAR, Cristofori Music Pte Ltd, Double Confirm Productions, Dover Park Hospice, Housing & Development Board, Ministry of Education, Nanyang Polytechnic, Nanyang Technological University, Singapore Institute of Management, Singapore Police Force, Singapore Polytechnic, Singapore Power, Singapore Technology, St. James’ Church Kindergarten, Zion Global Marketing Pte Ltd, and more including event companies, small business owners, speakers, trainers, and individuals (some flying in from overseas just to attend this course). Testimonials “Thank you for the wonderful tips and know how on videography.  It has been a fruitful 2 days lesson which was interesting and not boring at all.” – Tiong Ann, SP.edu.sg “Adrian offered us real, usable, relevant and practical insights into making and editing videos. I was very impressed with his professional insight plus his hands-on filming and editing activities. Look forward to attending more workshops with him.” – Paul Carr “This workshop is one of the most engaging I ever attended. Thanks to everyone for making this class a fun and interesting one, it has been an enriching one to learn some of the best practices!” – Wei Ling, SealedAir.com “This is my first workshop on video production and computer software. At long last, I finally learned the basics of video making! It is an activity that has been begging my attention since fifteen years ago in one of my jobs as a researcher. Unfortunately, I keep ignoring this but in my succeeding jobs (and sidelines), I realized that it’s necessary to learn it. The course was just right for beginners like me, and our instructor, Mr. Adrian, has been very accommodating of our needs as learners. I highly recommend this course to anyone wishing to learn and refresh themselves with the basics of this important craft.  Thank you, Adrian!” – Jack Medrana “Anyways after going for the course, I realized that all the shots and editings I and my crew have done in the past were all wrong and our promo videos were abysmal compared to Adrian’s. He taught me a lot of essential stuff on video taking, photo taking and video editing which I had never known of.” – Justin Yuan “I’ve known Adrian for more than 10 years and vouch that he is a master of his trade and that you will find his course informative and entertaining!” – Ken Tay, BlackBoxPhoto.net “I attended Adrian’s videography crash course. He pinpointed out the 6 Core Camcorder Skills that now differentiates me from any amateur videographers. Take the opportunity to tap on to Adrian’s vast skills and wealth of experience. Need be, just watch any one of his video creations and you will be inspired by the master videographer in action.“ – Mathew Wong “Adrian is a master of his trade and he is able to provide a good overview of videography in a fun yet effective way. Time just flies once the moment he kicks off the course. Go for it!” – Matthew Chong What Video Are You Making? These are the videos you likely want to make.  Adrian has done them all. About the Instructor Adrian Behind Cam Adrian Lee, the Founder of VideoLane.com, has been involved in the business of capturing events on video since 1998. Before getting into the video production business, he has been interested in all things audio-visual since he started out as an electronics technician dealing with hardware such as television and computers. He has since progressed into the vocation of serving Multinational Companies and Government Agencies in Singapore, by recording and producing seminar videos, event videos, and corporate videos. Adrian has a YouTube channel about Videography tutorials that garnered over a million views. Combining his expertise in professional Videography and experience in web video production, Adrian now teaches his skills to new Video Makers in the form of hands-on workshops and online courses. “I will show you the tricks I have developed to shoot and edit a seminar, a conference, a testimonial, an interview, a training, an event highlight, a product promo, and every video a business needs… with only ONE person.” – Adrian Lee, Camera, and Editing Coach Mind Map Overview of the Course Click on image to enlarge.  Enjoy the Productivity and Innovation Credit Scheme (PIC) Businesses may claim PIC benefits, subject to a cap of S,000 for each YA, on costs incurred to provide training to employees for the purposes of trade and business. For more details, refer to IRAS website.     SkillsFuture Credit Claim (S5 for this course) Singaporeans may claim S5 from SkillsFuture Credit.  Just request an invoice from us after registering here at Eventbrite.     http://www.videolane.com/courses/basic-videography/  

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