Special Education
Not quite sure what I was getting at here … but today I have lots to say. So, if you’re bored, pop some popcorn, grab a cozy blanket and attempt to understand my brain.
I haven’t put these jeans on in nearly two years. Woah. Honestly, I’m surprised that they still fit me. Artwork was done by Tatyana and Meizahn, with a little shoutout from Brit there. Basically, we did no work ever in drama class. I don’t even know why I took that class. I was that grade nine who everyone knew, but no one knew. That gifted kid. Yes, my student I.D says ‘Special Education’. But I was the smart kid that really had not that many friends, but at the same time was friends with everyone. NOT the type of kid that would wear ripped jeans to school. Or outside of school, actually.
But I was dying. I was dying to get out of my own skin, aha.
Two years later, I’ve found something to love in life, photography, and even though I’m struggling for creativity, I think that I’ve been blessed to produce what I have so far. It’s nothing that remarkable, but it’s something. At least my mom is proud of me, aha. Such a broken record of a story, girl goes to high school, high school changes girl, girl ends high school, girl lives the rest of her life happily.
I don’t want to be normal.
The past 165 days you guys (well, my ‘followers’ have changed over time, but generally..) have seen me grow up, in a sense. I went from the blue haired freak to average.
I don’t want to be average.
I want to be extraordinary.
I want to make art. I want to inspire. But I find myself inspriational-less. So I don’t know what to do, but something will be done.

I don’t know where this is going. But it’s not over yet.
Not by a long shot.

Check this out.

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