11 Mysterious Paranormal Events Caught on Tape

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        Ghosts can't come from other life.But genies can.Genies can see us and touch us also most of them hate us.the genie can kill us, seize our body. And it can harm us a lot and also can commit suicide. They have places in Islam, they are beings created from fire.

        • avatar Josh Pfeffer 0

          why is your voice in "monotone"? can't stand this computed generating sounding shit, show some emotion, makes it even more obvious that all this is bullshit

          • avatar Jake 0

            That audio recording was the creepiest thing I've heard in a while…like listening to the screams coming from Hell…

            • avatar Donny Aldridge 1

              There is nothing in the first video and the rest are fake…wow..yawn..

              • avatar Retarded Cancer 0

                #2 sounds like a two elephant having a rough sex.. or maybe some crackhead was trapped on that basement

                • avatar Russell Cough 0

                  all these videos were bull shit fucking waste of time…!!!!!

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                    • avatar Beatriz Martienez 0

                      i don't like your videos and your voice 👎🖓👎🖓👎🖓👎🖓.

                      • avatar Darwin Ayala 1

                        #2 Jurrasic Park😂

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                          • avatar Paul plays_101 1

                            the second one was very ehhh

                            • avatar A. W. 1

                              You sound like a goofy ass mf

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                                • avatar glaceon is op as hell 0

                                  The only paranormal thing in this world is my dog when she godamn farts every time she those a toot-toot she gets spooked

                                  • avatar Ashley Rodriguez 0

                                    Wtf ghost

                                    • avatar lorena99755 1

                                      Ahgh! Gasper and the 13 ghosts of Scooby doo!

                                      • avatar Tomas Veigas 1

                                        This is all staged