100 Greatest Discoveries – Astronomy – Bill Nye

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      Who from aj.stuart like this comment

      • avatar Karla Carrasco 1

        Can't watch this… WHERE IS THE FRIKIN' BOW TIE!! I NEED IT

        • avatar mike johnson 0

          Bill Nye is a sex pervert. He is on record for telling grade school girls that they should experience sex just for the fun of it. Pervert.

          • avatar Cristalyn Bird 0

            shill nye the science guy, what a fucking scumbag

            • avatar Tom Fetherston 1

              Speaking of astronomy, the days are usually short in the winter, so it's dark when people have supper and when they go to bed, and the days are long in the summer, so it's light when people eat supper and when they go to bed.

              • avatar Jrmar Montgomery 1

                sonic boring

                • avatar Jack Black 1

                  Keep on mind that Giordano Bruno was burnt at the stake for herecy in 1600 for contradicting Mother Church on the moverment of the Earth and other orbs. Of course he was right and the Pope was wrong. Papal infallibility? Gimme a break.

                  • avatar Vera Oberholtzer 1

                    who else is here bc this is the video they had in class

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                      • avatar Luka Capan 0

                        What is the name of the song thats starts in 0:57 plz tell me

                        • avatar Virginia Powers 0

                          Finally ,I am going to become a YOU TUBE EXPERT!!

                          • avatar Joshua Traffanstedt 1

                            I'm pissed that I didn't make the list..

                            • avatar Jacob Song 0

                              I like the ending

                              • avatar Jacob Song 0

                                AWESOME ITS GREAT