10 Amazing Science Experiments! Compilation

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    • avatar numbskull tv 1

      im doing the handsaniizer one, cause it reminds of my favorite anime, blue exrocist

      • avatar Angel Diana De LA Fuente 1

        oh my gosh there's a fire in his hands

        • avatar WorldLatest circumtance 1

          Really intresting video

          • avatar CarpetHater 0

            what is the name of the song?

            • avatar Zaki FDR 0

              Subscribe Channel Me ok

              • avatar MVS Teck 1


                • avatar none of your beesewax 0

                  what type of hand sanitizer was that

                  • avatar none of your beesewax 1

                    does the last one hurt i really dont want to burn off my hands

                    • avatar none of your beesewax 1

                      is that 100% alcohol and also is it a plastic jar or a glass jar

                      • avatar PlasticFruit The Whack Shack Man 1

                        When you eat lots of sweet corn